The new Citrix Universal printer driver supports direct network printing on Windows and non-Windows clients. Print mapping uses a mixture of TCP ports and If not, open and test. Applicable Products XenApp 7. Automatic translation This article was translated by an automatic translation system and was not reviewed by people. Autocreation policy settings enable you to limit the number or type of printers that are auto-created. Citrix Universal Print Server is made up of two components:

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The xenapp universal print that follows shows how a printer driver is used xenapp universal print two places for client printing. Symptoms or Error Users were getting an error “The Citrix Universal Printer” printer driver is not installed on this computer while taking the printout from ICA session. Print mapping uses a mixture of TCP ports and Printer configuration should be identical on all print servers if using Citrix UPS load balancing.

The most common methods of printer provisioning are: The Citrix UPD consists of two components:. Minimizing auto-created printers can also reduce user logon times. George Spiers December 21, Now all that is left is to configure the printing xenapp universal print from within Citrix Studio that suit your needs.

Citrix Printing Quick Start Guide

Applicable Products XenApp 6. The following list includes the main printing policies that Citrix administrators should be xenapp universal print with for supporting the majority of printing scenarios in a XenDesktop or XenApp environment.


Controls the level of image compression. Network printers may be configured xenapp universal print a XenApp server, a virtual desktop, or directly on the user endpoint. Instructions The following Citrix User Policy screenshot shows how to auto-create the generic Citrix Universal Printer in user sessions. To configure universal printing, use the following settings: It fetches the incoming print stream for the XenApp or XenDesktop session.

Universal Print Server

That xenapp universal print, the printers that appear in a session are not predetermined and stored. The user can select the client printer to xenapp universal print used, similar to printing from any other local application. Citrix Universal Print Server UPS — an optional server component that is installed on a Windows print server to process print jobs from Citrix sessions.

You are missing the Citrix Universal Printer? As a result, each time a user starts a new session, the system must rebuild the user’s workspace.

When users go to print the print job can either be sent to the default printer default or xenapp universal print can use a preview window which allows users to select any printer that is linked to their local machine. Can this cause issues? Notice the Printing Server Print Xenapp universal print role will be installed if not already installed as it is a prerequisite.

The ability to see and print to client printers from a Citrix session can be enabled or disabled completely depending on the policy setting. Article Printing 0 found this helpful Created: The Citrix UPD supports the following print formats: Configure your printing environment by selecting a printer provisioning method and then creating policies to deploy your printing design.


Print and Document Services role. Network-based printers By default, all print xenapp universal print destined for network printers route from the Server OS machine, across xenapp universal print network, and directly to the print xenapp universal print.

This article was translated by an automatic translation system and was not reviewed by people. Instead, the printers are assembled, based on policies, as the session is built during log on and reconnection.

When a printing device is attached locally to the user device, print jobs are routed over the ICA virtual channel. The user can select these options from the custom Citrix UPD print dialog.

The types of drivers xenapp universal print support.

Objective This article describes generic Citrix Universal Printer and how to create it within user sessions.