Following are the detailed configuration procedure of each way. When auto profile selection is enabled by checking Auto Select Profiles on the Profile Management tab, the client adapter will scan for an available network. The Profile Management screen provides tools to: Figure will appear. Infrastructure mode is useful at a corporation scale, or when it is necessary to connect the wired and wireless networks. To gain access to a WEP network, you must know the key.

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To gain access to a WEP network, you must know the key. The profile will appear in the Auto Selected Profiles box.

It will only associate with the access point if the WEP keys on both the wireless lite n usb adapter and the access point match. To define shared encryption keys, choose the Shared Key radio button and click Configure to fill in the Define Shared Keys window shown in Figure Because a fixed frequency is not used, and only the transmitter and receiver know the hop patterns, interception of FHSS is extremely difficult.

Open PW-DN folder, and double-click wps.

AK093 150Mbps Wireless Lite N USB Adapter User Manual AK093_UG OPPO Digital, Inc.

Plug the Adapter directly to the USB port on your computer. Click Close to finish. The Adapter will detect the access point if any messages are waiting periodically.


For Windows XP, the Setup Wizard will notify you of how to proceed with the installation during these steps shown in Figure Click Finish to complete the WPS configuration.

Make sure that the package contains the above items. ASCII format is provided so you can ,ite a string that is wireless lite n usb adapter to remember.

Click Refresh to refresh the list at any time. Fill in the Profile name and click OK to create the configuration profile for that network.

Even if one or more bits in the chip are damaged during transmission, statistical techniques embedded in the receiver can recover the original data without the need of retransmission. This device and its antenna must not be co-located or operated in conjunction with any other antenna or transmitter.

Then Figure will appear. Then you will see Figure Note that the profile names are not case-sensitive. However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation.

Soon, Figure will display after a moment. Then you will see Figure These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection wireless lite n usb adapter harmful interference in a residential installation. It appears wireless lite n usb adapter the bottom of the screen, and shows the signal strength using color and the received signal strength indication RSSI. If the connection fails, the client adapter will try the next highest priority profile that matches the SSID ksb an available network is found.


TL-WNN | Mbps Wireless N USB Adapter | TP-Link

Select Install Driver Only to install driver only, select Make Driver Installation Diskette s to make the diskette s as the installation driver shown wireless lite n usb adapter Figure If any of wiireless listed items are damaged or missing, please contact with your distributor.

Go to the Profile Management tab shown in Figure Click Finish to complete.

All the adapters must be in Ad-Hoc mode to communicate. SAR measurements are based on a 5mm spacing from the body and that compliance is achieved at that distance.

Check Driver Information Click the Adapter Information button in wireless lite n usb adapter screen above, you will see the adapter information, including general information about the wireless network adapter and the Network Driver Interface Specification Wireless lite n usb adapter driver.

The key is a string llite characters litte you create. Highlight the profiles to add to auto profile selection, and click Add. The Profile Management screen provides tools to: