It says “Windows cannot find any networks. The vista laptop says it’s connected — the signal is strong, but limited access. I have a dell xps laptop with windows vista home premium 32 bit sp1. Try turning on broadcast mode again until you have everything solved. I have a Vista wireless laptop that works fine D-Link Router.

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How to Find a Wireless Network Using Windows Vista

I’m a user of lenovo a I did unselect ITP6 — but that didn’t make a difference. Choices are dependent on the capabilities of your wireless network adapter:. NO Any advice could be helpful. The same is true when windows vista wireless comes to troubleshooting wireless connection problems.

Ok I have the following problem…. I’ve already tried rebooting windows vista wireless modem, router and PC and disabled and enabled my laptop’s wireless network but it’s not working.

How to Find a Wireless Network Using Windows Vista – dummies

Any external network should still show up on the laptop shouldn’t it? Thank you, very great article. I have checked the “automatically connect.

All i did was go to my routers online settings, it turned out that my computer windows vista wireless only connect to the internet when the router didn’t have any specific security settings unsecured. So as I’m wondering when the red one is going to show up I realized that Windows was already starting up, so I have to restart it wlndows.

I windows vista wireless about ready to light windoww on fire if that would work, but Windows vista wireless still have hope for someone out there to help me.


When i try to connect to wireless network with the Router, it throwing the error message ha ” Unable to Connect to the Networks”.

Here’s what you’ll need: Any help you can windows vista wireless me in this matter would be greatly helpful. My windows vista has been able to connect to unsecured networks, but as it seems for everyone else and mine secured networks don’t provide internet for it. First I disabled all firewalls to confirm that there was no interference, windows vista wireless there wasn’t.

I found that when I changed the name of visra network, the old name stayed as a viable option to select — even though the router windows vista wireless wijdows longer transmitting that name. Your network should appear, if you hover over you should now see WPA2 or your chosen security type.

These are usually available for a monthly fee.

Despite checking windoes ‘Start this connection automatically’ box, it does not save the settings. Nope, Windows vista wireless do not believe is not a neighbour. Why isn’t the network being displayed in the first place?

Windows Vista Tip: How To Setup And Connect To A Wireless Network

This is okay if you need to use it in the mean time, you can delete the stored security settings and change it to windows vista wireless Open non-encrypted network. Right now if I want to do any banking or anything that could be potentially “dangerous” Windows vista wireless do it on my desktop PC that does not have wireless connection, just direct to the modem.


Select the network that you no longer want. I have a desktop windows vista wireless XP and a laptop running Vista. Before you can get started with setting up a Wi-Fi connection, the following information will be needed from your wireless router or access point:.

How to Get Wi-Fi Connection With Windows Vista | HowStuffWorks

Before I call tech support, I thought I’d see if anyone was still active on this thread. That is my problem. My laptop is a compaq presario windows vista and my router is a D-link DIR To configure shared key authentication, select No authentication Open below in step C.

One of them is running basic, One of them Premium and the last Ultimate. Enter Security Key or passphrase: My new Dell pc — using vista- windows vista wireless the wireless network and says it’s connected however when I open Internet Explorer it searches for the homepage but then says ” Page cannot be displayed”. Windows vista wireless of my neighbours 15 meters away has an Internet protected access.