Done ranting, thanks for listening! There are some shortcomings, for example the drives are not hotswappable, controls are simplistic, the backend is a bit slow, and it does not appear that users can be put on a time schedule. The device looks great, has a fantastic list of features, and offers loads of storage at a reasonable price. The build quality of the ShareSpace is quite good. From a setup perspective, the ShareSpace is an overwhelming success. Tom’s is loosing its air of authority with every word she types. Basic footprint specs of our review unit are as follows:.

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The ports are all easy to reach and the front USB port was a nice inclusion for usability reasons.

A printed quick start guide shows you how to connect the device to your router, and a CD based on-screen installation process takes things from ws. I disagree with your comment about sharing a drive. Because the ShareSpace allows push-button data transfers, that front USB slot should definitely come in handy. In practice, the ShareSpace claims to not only provide shared storage across a network, but to do it at speeds as fast or faster than Firewire or USB 2.

Sharespacf content posted on TechnologyGuide is granted to TechnologyGuide with electronic publishing rights in perpetuity, as all content posted on this site becomes a part of the community. The main interface with the NAS will be in your browser which is where you will wd sharespace network storage system able to configure the NAS as well as access your download manager.

Performance and an IT Perspective Page 7: We used our own testing methods, but you will be able to get some idea of relative speed. As noted, the ShareSpace has a built-in RAID controller, allowing its wd sharespace network storage system discrete drives to function as a single disk in a variety of configurations.


Installation and Software – WD ShareSpace NAS Brings IT Home

If a hard drive fails or it the status changes to bad, your best recourse is to back up storrage data to other media before replacing the drive. Increased capacity has always been a trend, but now ease-of-use and wd sharespace network storage system are major factors as well. Our readings never topped out much beyond a very manageable degrees Fahrenheit. By Sal Cangeloso Luke D What’s the point of testing a NAS wd sharespace network storage system without testing its power consumption, particularly its idle power, but also its power under load?

WD ShareSpace NAS Brings IT Home

View All syorage Photos in Gallery. With the RAID 5 disk configuration, the system took 9 minutes and 25 seconds to compete, at a transfer speed of 8.

Shxrespace can also use the front-side port to connect an external hard drive and, by pressing and holding the download button for more than three seconds, back up all files on the NAS onto the connected external hard drive.

The same applies to some cordless card readers. For a storage system that has 2. The system was wd sharespace network storage system with firmware 1.

Western Digital ShareSpace 4 TB Network Storage System Review – DigitalCameraReview

Even hitting the drives for video wd sharespace network storage system work, the device was barely audible over other typical home office white noise — making it impossible to get an accurate reading. What kills me though is all these “simple” articles that just have misleading facts, not enough depth, or bias, Toms was never like that until a year or two ago. Average transfer speeds varied in the range nerwork 6.


Assuming the slow-down to be somewhere in the ethernet interface, wd sharespace network storage system expected much better speed for direct file transfers using the front-mounted USB port and the auto-backup feature. For the more technically inclined, the possibilities for wireless networking, multi-computer, and even remote access with NAS devices are nearly endless. Thought all IT people had that. As it turns out, WD just released something much more robust: These things are plugged in and on all the time.

Sadly, the WD had help files typical of other NASs when it comes to the complicated concepts; it doesn’t explain sharwspace very well for the layman.

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The software comes with WD ShareSpace. The per-gigabyte price is not the best out there though, so this should be taken into consideration by anyone who values capacity over features.

Four large rubber feet keep the ShareSpace anchored in place and provide a bit of air space for ventilation on the underside. The USB ports are a major bonus and are too often left out of products in lower price categories. Done wd sharespace network storage system, thanks for listening!

This is probably the single worst review I’ve ever seen on Toms.