So the printer driver uses its own routines to access the parallel port, bypassing the port driver. The reason is, the installation program can not read the serial number of the card s. This does not identify the board by serial number, but by the mechanical position. And how to program it? This is also true for any operating system.

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This is the option always possible, regardless of kernel version or distribution. Send this information to the manufactfurer of the printer. vscom pci

vscom pci Probably a name like ” COM This is not allowed. The PCI boards have two possible speed settings. Just after this it is sure, that the next IRQ can be detected and triggered by the interruptcontroller. Later a modern printer is installed at this port. So the printer driver uses vscom pci own routines to access the parallel port, bypassing the port driver.

If you definitely need this extended information, there are two ways to proceed.


In this case COM9 is the highest available interface. Unfortunately the port driver of NT does not support vscom pci data. When everything is specified, you can find instructions for DOS here.

Now there is an alternative driver.

VScom 200Ei PCIex

Sometimes this is vscom pci the real configuration of the board. However there are important itemsto be checked on the target system.

This is a problem in the Vsco. Vscom pci is not flexible enough, to handle various situations. Please note the difference between the driver for the port and for the printer. There is a new driver for our PCI-series available for vscom pci.

A The program is an old bit application. And how to program it? So the settings get lost if the board is placed in another vscom pci. These are the vscom pci settings the printer driver expects.

At least the setup program should ask the administrator about the hardware configuration. Please contact the pcci.

VSCOM Serial Card PCI Low Profile, 1 port RS PCI-RSLP1 From PRICE $

vscom pci Please disable oci bidirectional communication in the settings of the port and vscom pci printer. With these accesses the PCI chipset must not use this method, since it destroys a programmed timing. The drivers are available in the download area.


One option is to use the driver for NT4.

VSCOM – PCI & ISA to Serial: VScom L UPCI

Specific informations in this. Wechsel zur deutschsprachigen Version These settings have to be changed to correct the problem.

The basic source for this is vscom pci wrong pco of the PCI bus. This also applys vscom pci different components of ISA-cards.

The printer driver attempts to get enhanced information from the printer, by reading data from the parallel port.