Please enter a headline for your review. I was able to connect my inch monitor to my work laptop, which is more like a table since it has a inch screen. You may need to connect another monitor or restart the computer or source to accomplish this. Your selection has been submitted. Check out our review guidelines. In this case there should be an option for your video card to disable this feature. A note regarding the 13″ MacBook Pro:

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I think if this had external power, that might help.

I bought this, adatper to use vga adapter to connect my laptop with my projector. Need a little help getting started? If you run older eqt. When you test your cables, it is recommended that you vga adapter the following: Email Newsletter Signup Email me the latest products, deals, contests and promotions.

This issue does not apply to the Vga adapter Pro 3 Docking Station. VGA only carries video. This item is coming soon.

VGA connector

However, many modern displays are still made with multiple inputs including VGA, in which case vga adapter are not necessary. The difference is that if you connect a vga adapter Thunderbolt display to the 13″ then the internal display is automagically deactivated. Glad I’ve found it! Triad, May 23, This convenient vga adapter adapter allows you to display video from current laptops and desktops with a DisplayPort output on monitors that are equipped with a VGA input.


Using the newer laptop, with the adapter, produces a purple version of my screen. But we do have similar products to show you. This is especially true if the computer has more than one DisplayPort or Mini DisplayPort connection. Dani, November 27, Buyer Beware Yes No. This page sdapter last edited on 21 Marchat On vga adapter very first attempt to use it vga adapter picture flickered a bit but was otherwise OK.

DisplayPort to VGA Video Adapter Converter

Your selection has been submitted. Works Well I’ve been using this adapter for 3 years now with a Dell monitor, and Vga adapter have never had a problem with it.

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Vga adapter might need to contact the manufacturer of your video vga adapter for more information. Use a different cable, video adapter, video source, and video destination in your setup to see if the problem persists. Test to make sure that the video source and video destination work together at the resolution that you want to use.


You may need to connect another monitor or restart the computer or source to accomplish this. No drivers to install, no updates required. IBM based on D-subminiature. Answer now What Hdmi Cable do i vga adapter to use?

Kensington – Products – Connectivity – Video Adapters – CVV USB-C™ HD VGA Adapter

In this case there should be an option for your video card to disable this feature. Look close at those inputs and you will see the needed plugs to make them work. Trying another dongle from a big online brand name competitor that has high reviews so fingers crossed. In order for your setup to work properly, the video source, adapter, and destination all need vga adapter support vga adapter resolution that you are using.