Mindi Orth began writing in as a technical writer for a consulting firm. Services and Support Microsoft Windows: Because I already had my function keys enabled, just f5 did it for me. Press the “Caps Lock” key: Open a web browser and navigate to Synaptics.

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How do I turn my mouse pad back on

Did you get yours fixed as mine seems to have this problem? This has been an on and off problem!

View all 7 comments. I was more than 1h trying to fix the problem. Check the touchpad settings in the “Mouse Properties” and enable the touchpad if it is coincidentally disabled.

About the Author Mindi Orth began toshibs in as a technical writer for a toshiba satellite mouse pad firm. Control F5 worked for me!

Report Respond to bolly Satellite – Oct 1, at Thanks so much, i was wiping the keyboard and must have hit the F keys Report Respond to Toshiba satellite mouse pad. Because Satellitr already had my function keys enabled, just f5 did it for me. Press and hold the power button until the unit powers off.


toshiba satellite mouse pad But it was always irritating having to go into the drawer to find an external mouse, etcetera, then pzd it to make this corrections. Any trademarks used herein belong to their respective owners.

My Toshiba Laptop Touchpad Won’t Work |

View the answer I have this problem too Subscribed to new answers. Follow the onscreen prompts to download and re-install the driver. If it works, it was simply disabled.

There is also a chance–although slight–that the hardware connections have come loose. Thnk u a lot I accidently prssed fn and f5 beforw it atopped working lol.

Jho – Oct 19, at That’s all needed to do!!! Re-Install the Touch Pad driver: Add your answer webber. Toshiba – Jan 10, at Rjun – Oct 24, at Follow the toshiba satellite mouse pad prompts to install your new driver, and then test the touchpad again.

Toshiba Satellite mouse pad stopped working [Solved]

I just pressed F5 because F5 is to lock the touch pad so in order to unlock it you must press F5! Thank you so much!!! This pav working for me the staellite icon option doesn’t even pop up in the task manager. Respond to Zohaib R. F5 fixed it, I feel so dumb toshiba satellite mouse pad not noticeing that there is a symbol of a touchpad on the button! Kunle Adegboye – Sep 11, at It is possible BTW if you don’t have an external mouse at hand to do it manually using the Tab and Enter Keys to get to Control Panel and then Mouse Settings and then Re-enable the Mouse Pad and Mouse Pad Software – but it is toshiba satellite mouse pad easy to do using Tab and Enter Keys only as its very cumbersome and easy to press wrong buttons and have to start finding Control Panel all over again, etcetera.


Thank you thank you thank you!!!!

F9 did Thank you. Mac – Nov 14, at