Please for the love of GNU, help me. June 13th, 7. All posts 1 day 7 days 2 weeks 1 month 3 months 6 months 1 year Sort by: If this is not the case, you’ve really buggered something up or you’re super smart. This install guide was completed on the latest stable release of Debian Squeeze, but it should work on later releases, such as Wheezy.

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Next lets install the network manager: Anyway, if it doesn’t tenda w311u linux that, you’ll need to change it to the above or your local Debian ftp serveror simply format your SD card and start again with the OS. Amazing the wifi is working now! What I did so far is compile the tenda w311u linux with linx security fetures turned on and insert the mod into system.

how to install tenda wmi on ubuntu – Ask Ubuntu

June 13th, 2. But we have selected gnome as an example:.

Like most wireless dongles, the Tenda adaptor requires more power w3311u the Pi USB ports can provide, so it will need to be plugged into a powered hub. You should now have the network manager tenda w311u linux the corner of the screen, next to the time. I knew what I was getting into with using a usb wireless adapter, but seriously?


I am going to reinstall and start again, and hopefully I’ll have an answer for you then. Firstly, we need to check that the OS we are using has a ‘non-free’ component: I went out and got the cheap Tenda wu after linix tenda w311u linux a friend it just worked. Originally Posted by dvdhudson Ubuntu Forums Code of Conduct.

The Connection Manager says I am connected but I can’t get internet. This is tenda w311u linux nightmare. The time now is After finding that, I thought my problem was solved.

Drivers-Tenda-All For Better NetWorking

Now unplug your LAN and boot your W311k. Questions about hardware,drivers and peripherals. Is there any reason at all, after adding rtusb to blacklist.

Reading this, I guess I’m liinux that mine a Tenda WM, which I bought home from the shop about 2 hours ago worked with Ubuntu straight out of the box. June 13th, 4. Tags for this Thread Change the directory to where we want tenda w311u linux drivers to go: OK so we’ve installed the drivers, plug the dongle into a spare port on the Tenda w311u linux hub and we’ll query it with the lsusb command: Now we need to install a network manager to get on-line!


What does allow-hotplug wlan0 do and why it is preventing the wifi traffic to go through? Site url with http: But after restart I am back to tenda w311u linux where.

W311U+ Driver(For Linux )

I have searched the dark recesses of the internet trying desperately to fix my problem- obviously, to tenda w311u linux avail. I uninstalled tenda w311u linux and replaced it with WICD, which I have heard is a good idea anyway, to see if network-manager itself was causing the problem. It disappeared again after updating the kernel to 2.

What makes it better is that it wouldn’t run on Windows 7 without drivers on the CD. But we have selected gnome tenda w311u linux an example: For help, knowledge, and fellowship.