This can be especially severe if using one of the mic inputs for guitar plug-in, which the DP is designed to do. That’s exactly what I wanted: If you are serious about how your music sounds spend more money on something without these limitations. Most Liked Positive Review. The lack of a backlit digital display is really annoying. Each channel has a 45mm volume fader, plus dedicated controls for pan, effects send, high EQ, and low EQ. The Tascam DP can record two tracks at once and a total of eight uncompressed audio tracks per song.

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D;-01 you want decent reverb and digital effects you’ll need an external unit for this as the DP does not have any xp-01 tascam dp-01. The DP01 has a printable quick start manual on line tascam dp-01 will get you recording quickly. I hesitated to buy another pc, tascam dp-01 it took me a little too far in price.

DP, Digital Multrack-studio from Tascam. I use it as a backup hardrive for my music and to lay vocals.

The only one question I have is exactly how much recording time can you get with it? Plus, the digital volume bars are small tascam dp-01 tough to read – you can adjust the height and thickness of do-01 bars but it won’t help. This recorder is easy to use once you learn how to operate. If you change the Ship-To country, some or all of the items in your cart may not ship to the new destination.


It is a very good product in the music product I Like it tascam dp-01 lot. Designed to be as uncomplicated to use as TASCAM’s other Portastudios, it’s a tascam dp-01 product for musicians who are ready to get into digital recording.

It is a great machine with many great features.

End result is tascam dp-01 minimal amount of volume. No XLR mic inputs and the manual is not helpful in the least bit.

There is nothing complicated. This thing is a charm. I found that if your a one man band trying to build solid demo’s it’s most likely not going to fit your need. This unit is kind of noisy though. The Tascam DP can record two tracks at once and a total of eight uncompressed audio tracks per song. Finally a tascam dp-01 to register that does tascam dp-01 crash, and that can really concentrate on his songs.

I am far from having been around, so today I give notice forcment part, but I think tascam dp-01 useful when even to the extent that there is only one further notice. The DP is really simple to use and has a huge hard drive for tascam dp-01.

I’ve had this piece of equipment for roughly 2 years. Guitar Tascam dp-01 Buying Guide. This unit is really for the hobbyist to put down original tracks tascam dp-01 to use for practice.


The hard drive stores up to 60 8-track songs, which is more than enough room to back up numerous recording sessions or multiple tascam dp-01 of your songs so you can review the tracks and determine which one you like best.

Overall this is a fun piece of equipment and is tsscam for the hobbiest or for practice and playback. Tascam is very good product It is a very good product tascam dp-01 the music product I Like it a lot Verified purchase: I was ignoring the other reviews saying “they probably just don’t take care of their equipment”, but it’s true. Trs available The manual is clear and sufficient? Most Liked Negative Review. Seriously, if your music is that good don’t tascam dp-01 an arm and a leg for expensive home equipment.

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If you have a good tascam dp-01 for your mic Navigating the menus is a whole ‘nother story. I missed this important plus. Sort by most recent most useful.