While you’re at it, download the PDF manual and quickstart guide as well. Typical of consumer digicams, the Sony DSC-H1 does tend to oversharpen its image a bit, but exposure is usually excellent, with or without flash. The best cameras for shooting kids and family must have fast autofocus, good low-light image quality and great video. The Rhake pack is weatherproof multi-purpose bag with a dedicated camera insert, lifetime guarantee — and steep price tag. Multi Burst shots are played back as a slow-motion animation on the camera, but appear as a single large file with 16 sub-images in it when viewed on a computer. Be respectful, keep it clean and stay on topic. Firefox Download the latest version.

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Users also have several pre-set son balance options Daylight, Cloudy, Fluorescent, Incandescent, Flash, and manual designed to cover most shooting situations. Sony dsc h1 28, Sony Cyber-shot H1 Review 5 comments. In all settings menus, these arrow keys navigate through menu options.

Overall, I was impressed by Sony’s judicious use of space, especially with the large number of external controls provided, the extremely large LCD, and the relatively short learning curve the H1’s user interface entails.

The Down arrow accesses the Self-Timer mode. Safari Download the latest version. In this buying guide we’ve rounded-up several great cameras for shooting landscapes, and recommended the best. In Shooting mode, the stabilization only become active sony dsc h1 the shutter is pressed, but if you want to see the effect of the stabilization, put the camera in Sony dsc h1 mode. You can also copy, resize, and rotate images.


Sony Cyber-shot H1 Review

Camera manufacturers continue to comply and consumers today are getting much more for their digital camera dollars xsc they did five years ago. Five years ago sony dsc h1 3-megapixel digital camera from a major manufacturer with a 1. There are tradeoffs that come with that big lens, however. Available in all Record modes but Sony dsc h1 by pressing the Menu button, the Record menu offers the following options some options are not available in all modes:.

This week, Chris and Jordan take a break from gear reviews to discuss things you should know to get proper exposure when shooting video. The bezel-free Vivo Apex concept phone with its pop-up camera might be more than a sony dsc h1.

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sony dsc h1 In keeping with sony dsc h1 standard test policy, the comments given here summarize only my key findings. To the siny is the Power button and three elongated holes for the microphone. The Right arrow turns the Macro close-up mode on and off, dsv the Left arrow accesses the Quick Review mode, which displays the most recently captured image on the screen. They’ll last about minutes of on-time with the LCDcapturing up to full-resolution images.

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A filmstrip icon marks this mode on the Mode dial. When necessary, a pop-up flash son automatically, and also if it’s selected by sonu user. Though it’s a little on the small side, the grip area offers a firm hold on the camera. Slightly yellowish skin tones Auto white balance had a hard time with household incandescent lighting Autofocus sometimes focused on objects in front of the sony dsc h1 subject Rather contrasty default tone curve Image noise high at ISOimages there are rather rough, only usable for 4×6 prints Anti-noise processing trades away some sony dsc h1 subject detail.


Digital Cameras – Sony CyberShot DSC-H1 Digital Camera Review, Information, Specifications

May 29, Sponsored. Read our review of it if you’d like, but download the program nowso you’ll have it. Skip to main content. The Sony H1 offers a Beach preset scene mode, in addition to the six other preset scene modes common to Sony cams, plus four metering modes offering full exposure control.

A sony dsc h1 ridge helps keep your thumb from slipping off. Sony reveals faster, higher-res OLED viewfinder display.

sony dsc h1

The kind of lenses that make your salivary glands work The image above was shot handheld with the camera in auto mode. In Playback mode, this button sony dsc h1 the digital enlargement of a captured image, which can go as high as 5x.