Touch the [Mirror Image] key in the screen of step 4 so that it is not highlighted. Product Key The procedures for entering the product keys of the expansion kits are explained below. The saddle stitch function staples each set in 2 places at the centerline and folds the stapled set. User 1 File Name file file file To fax a large number of sheet originals, use the automatic document feeder.

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Do not remove the original. Up to 7 user types can be sharp mx 2300n pcl6. Touch a mode key to show a list of the files that shar stored from that mode. Touch the [Next] key and repeat the procedure from step 5.

Touch the [Special Modes] key in the base screen of copy mode.

To reset all counts, touch the [Reset All] key with no counts selected. A timer setting can also be specified for polling reception to receive a fax when you are not present.

The following items are explained in ” Internet Fax Auto Mode Switch Select the binding position [Left Binding] or [Right Binding].

If a proxy server is used, specify the proxy server and click the [Next] button. Operation Settings This section explains settings that are related to machine operation. To have the master sharp mx 2300n pcl6 make all copies, touch the [OK] key. In addition, when confidential is selected and a password is established, other people will not be able to view the file sharp mx 2300n pcl6 permission.


When scanning a photo or illustration, a high resolution setting such as 22300n will produce a sharp and clear image. If you wish to swap the position of the selected print item with the position of another print item, temporarily move either one of the print items to an unoccupied 2300j and then switch the print positions.

Touch the [Cancel] key in the screen of step 5. Dual Page Sharp mx 2300n pcl6 Tandem Copy You will return to step 3. Your machine then ;cl6 the fax to each of the end receiving machines programmed in the memory box. Scan Mode Switch Image Except for CAD and other sharp mx 2300n pcl6 uses, there is normally no need to change this setting. Default Exposure Settings This setting is used to adjust the exposure level for scanning in document filing mode.

sharp MXN driver & Software downloads – Sharp Drivers

Must Input Next Address Key at Broadcast Setting This setting is used to require that the [Next Address] sharp mx 2300n pcl6 be touched before the next address is entered sgarp performing a broadcast transmission. Click the [Settings] button to display the setting screen of the selected print function. Store the name of the user max.


This function saves considerable time when preparing materials such as handouts for a meeting.

User Registration This is used to store, edit, and delete users when user authentication is enabled. The sets are scanned in the automatic document feeder one set at a time and then sent together as a single transmission.

Touch the [Operation Settings] key and configure the settings. If you cannot edit or delete an individual one-touch key or group key In this event, reduce the number of pages scanned or take other measures to decrease the file size.

Automatic ratio selection cannot be shapr sharp mx 2300n pcl6 the original size or paper size is a non-standard size.

However, if a back cover will be added pl6 the [Count Back Cover] checkbox is selectedthe final page is counted. Searching is possible even when you only know part of the file name or folder name.