Channel Web Of the many netbooks released by Samsung recently, the N is, on paper, the least interesting. With its already comprehensive netbook range, Samsung’s N enters an over-saturated market. Sorry, you can’t be added to Samsung’s Friends and Family Program as you’re already a part of discount program. Check your email to validate your new password and access your account. Single Review, online available, Very Short, Date: It automatically and regularly backs up your PC data to the hard drive. Putting aside outside appearances, the real difference between the N and the N is in performance.

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Also, the N only has one speaker located under the front of the unit on the left while the N has two speakers on either side. Redirect Notification As of Nov. Create your Samsung Account. Samsung np n130 your email address and validation code to reset your password.

Samsung N130

Additional speakers that supplement or enhance the sound generated from a samsung np n130 internal speaker. It even bests the mini NB The keyboard is comfortable to type on with good travel and a nice spring, which allowed us to reach our full typing speed right away.

The N is available in different colors and configurations. Samaung your email to validate your new password and access your account.

The N managed to samsung np n130 6: Input Search Keyword Search close menu.


We show the least amount of ads possible. Enjoy samsung np n130 pricing and benefits exclusively made for Samsung friends and family members. Touch Pad Surface on keyboard and monitor that translates position of fingers to a relative position on screen. This website uses cookies.

It automatically and eamsung backs up your PC data to the hard drive. Your date of birth is used to verify your samsung np n130 if you lose your E-mail or password.

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This is faster than the average netbook It possible that both of these issues could be overcome with practice and in the case of the trackpad a bit of samsung np n130 nail polish to mark the edge of the palmrest, but you may want to take a look at your typing style or practice before purchasing the Samsung Samsung np n130 If your budget is flexible, the N is definitely the better choice.

And just as with the N, the six-cell battery only raises the unit about a quarter of an inch in the back. You will be redirected via a new browser window to the Samsung Global website for U. Sxmsung video nnp became more of a chore when we weren’t near the router.

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Samsung np n130 Battery Life Extender caps the battery’s charge at 80 percent samsung np n130 prolong its life for systems that samsunf often kept plugged in. Samsyng shares the 10in screen, Intel Atom N processor and 1GB of memory with most of the other computers in its class.


Hulu and YouTube videos stuttered a bit during playback–especially at full screen–and Web sites with Flash or heavy graphic elements slowed down page loading more than on the N, even when samsung np n130 to the router.

Samsung Update Plus will automatically keep these apps up to date. The original Samsung NC10 was the first netbook to last longer than 6 hours, and the N and Samsung Go both bested that time. When watching video no a bus traveling down a dark road at night, the trees and grass became one dark blob, and were barely distinguishable from the skyline.

Samsung N – External Reviews

Interface standard for connecting peripherals to a computer. Samsung np n130 the N has no truly standout features, its great usability and battery life at such a low price mean that it betters many of its more expensive rivals. The Samsung N is one of two new inch netbooks from a company whose machines have consistently impressed us with solid keyboards, performance, and endurance. Internally, the N samsung np n130 one slot for memory accepting memory modules up to 2 GB.

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