It might be worth you sharing a snapshot of the contents of your Human Interface Devices and Other Devices categories so I can have a look. Everything is fixed now. Also, when I change a setting in the programming setting the slider on the throttle to a keypress for E: With any luck they’ll update the whole UI for the control panel and programmable software to something less Windows ish too. This has been an issue for a while and that’s not why i’m here for support since i pretty much got around that with the hub apparently it has to do with my motherboard not liking the x52 but i figure i’d let you know. Run the driver installer – the beta driver from the Madcatz site, then do as instructed and plug your X52 in. That said, the evo should have no issues using the generic Windows drivers.

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Thanks for posting that, I’d been having some issues with my X that this should resolve. I have tried re-programming in-game buttons and then sxitek a profile for the stick to match complete with ‘killing’ any unwanted buttons but it is only a tad better than just setting up the stick in-game. Please try the following workaround that solved this matter on some of our customers PCs: For Magic Device onlythe 2 programmable root enumerators that had yellow exclamation marks saitek beta dissapeared.


I had a similar problem once with my Falcon profile and thought it was the cable. I saitek beta a BSOD every time I try to load a profile, or hit saitek beta little blue crosshair to send the profile to the controller.



No need to be fancy, just an overview. As part of the ongoing improvements that we’re making to the Saitek range we have released updated, signed drivers on our site. Any hope for saitek beta X55 driver?

saitek beta The input and controls will still work though, and can be confirmed on the programming screen of the Profile Editor. Did you go through any driver cleaning process before installing the new version. Submit a new text post.

I was unplugging and moving mine off the desk after use, saitek beta would then cause strangeness involving the mouse and even lock-ups. Mac OS X They are too bright saitek beta they go at full power. I am using an older one, 6.

PSA – New drivers for Saitek products are now live : hotas

Or are you saying that bta doesn’t list the saitek beta I have the same stuff as you: All times are GMT So, when you click the button saitek beta gunsight illumination, it would turn it on and off about 5 times in a single button press, uncommanded.

Net framework will need to be installed by Windows. Saitek beta brta an X52not prowhen I went to install the win 10 beta drivers the installer didn 39 t recognize my X52 I 39 ve tried a front panel USB 3.


Bug or any other particular set up needed to make the X55 operate properly? Going to sticky this for a while, saitek beta Aleksej. Do any devices appear in device manager when you connect the X52? Well Chief, I just use the saitek software without any problem now.

If so, right click the downloaded file and extract the contents to a beeta of your choosing.

Saitek X52/X52Pro/X55/X65f BETA drivers for Windows 10

saitek beta I’ll plug it into My laptop and see what happens. The three modes are only usable with the. Switch to Threaded Mode. How do i do this, if at all? Ok i did thatit popped up the typical “installing drivers” thingbut then it said “Device driver software was not successfully saitek beta ” No drivers found and it goes back to a yellow exclamation mark.

You saitek beta to do a few complete circles each time you plug it in in order to self-calibrate. Once Windows has completed its process, you’ll need to go to device manager.

With any luck they’ll update the whole UI for the control panel and programmable software to something less Windows saitek beta too.