Can you please explain me the FC connection what is connecting? I think the my storage can do more, it’s a limitation of the interface. This package contains driver v9. Now i know what you are going to say, but those stats can’t be right because i know that the target is able to receive much more. I don’t know what steps we did in the past to discover this issue. Downloading a file from this site constitutes your acceptance of the terms listed in the software license agreement.

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Installs the appropriate Windows driver based on the hardware platform. Includes API Library, v2.

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So now i’m back to maybe the NBD is not working and the vmware server cant receive data fast enough. This time i was running about 10 replication jobs and a backup job at the same time.

Our website uses cookies! I qlogic storport tested every single component individually and know that everything works qlogic storport near link speed, the only thing that is slow is transfering qlogc via Fibre channel to the Windows host not matter if i save the data right there or send it via the qlogic storport Gbit adapter to the ESXi Target host.

Products :: servers :: system x :: system x m3 :: downloads :: ds contentdetail

Since Veeam always read more data than it actually transfers i was still able to saturate the FC link. Qlogic storport i also tested with another program to copy the file directly from the SAN i the same way Veeam does when using SAN mode and got the same speed i naturally assumed that there was a problem related to reading from the SAN directly using i Windows machine.


But your storage system can not handle 2 different streams at same speed as one sequential run. This contradicts all the other test i have done, but why not Anyway after the first initial full transfer the random read change block tracking based source reada are the bottlenecks later. I never saw an official statement from VMware regarding the cap, but if you search around there are so many forums talking about this, not only Veeam. You can qlogic storport cookies by changing your browser settings.

Qlogic storport seems to me that the speed is capped somehow on the Windows machine and i can’t find out where it is. I’m joining Qlogic storport in the request for the feedback from VMware, it would be awesome to finally have a proper statement from them. I did qlogic storport tests after my reply in my lab, and the speed of a backup in NBD from a fusion-io datastore so impossible the source is the bottleneck and on my 1G connection I always saw qlogic storport 40 MBs.

By continuing qlogic storport use our website, you qlogic storport with our use of cookies in accordance with our Cookie Policy. Includes API version 1. Check with the initial fulls the speed but focus more on parallel processing of incremental runs. The disk can handle more streams i think, but are still limited to the interface speed.

qlogic storport

What Vmware’s answer about the cap is “There is NOT any qlogic storport on the management port, nor has there ever been a cap and there is no qloogic planned for the future” Now, after the tests qlogic storport Vmware guys can’t answer what the problem is and they are asking me to qlogid them detailed information about my setup with screenshots so that they can open a bug case on this. This is not a small problem qlogic storport i guess that all replication providers have the same problem.


I allready have a support case open against IBM, Vmware and thinking of opening one against Microsoft aswell. I also tried something different now Thnx for any help you can provide.

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Read Me Version Document. But since you are the experts i thought i would ask you aswell. There is no difference if i use the proxy itself as the target qlogic storport backup or if i replicate to qlogic storport ESXi host, I still get the exact same speed.

I’m just qlogic storport a loss here Google [Bot]Majestic [Bot] and 21 guests. SANsurfer Pro also provides robust diagnostic and troubleshooting capabilities and useful statistical information to optimize SAN performance.

I have opened a support case with Vmware to get them to lift the cap. Qlogic storport help no matter hos obvious would be appreciated. And it should not be.

HS22 Qlogic boot from SAN error: The file ql2300.sys is corrupted. press any key to continue

This time i completely saturated the FC link periodically which storpkrt that there is no problem at the source end. This qlogic storport was pretty low for 8 Gbit FC. This package contains driver 9.