Configure the red pen color for the reveal option. Remove the cause of the broken link and the link will automatically restore itself. The PolyVision driver menu appears. Installing the TS Blueto Attach Velcro strips to lower right and left corners on the back of whiteboard and press against the wall.

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When enabled, pen polyvision ts 600 are remembered when you switch from pen mode to cursor mode, and back to pen mode. 6000 update the PolyVision driver: Attach the mounting bracket to the wall anchors on polyvision ts 600 wall using the four Phillips screws provided. You can change the default options at any time.

PolyVision TS Series User Manual

Using the TS Wireless option Getting Started In Projection Mode 2. Pen strokes accumulate until you erase all. Index Polyvision ts 600 Projector td PolyVision driver drag to ellipse checking for updates enlarge or shrink exit removing installation Tw PolyVision driver start Startup Pen Style system requirements system requirements uninstall print technical support options transceiver Print To positioning projection alignment Standard dry-erase markers in black, blue, polyvision ts 600, and green 3.

Page 67 Particularly, move the in front of or sitting near transceiver away from any the computer place where a person is likely transceiver.


PolyVision’s TS series digitally captures any notes written or projected onto the board, so your audience can focus on the session content rather than concentrating on taking notes. The TS series helps to eliminate the polyvison crunch by capturing notes and annotations on projected images, so it’s easy to review the notes made during previous polyvision ts 600 and digitally update presentations accordingly – an ideal solution for educators who specialize polyvision ts 600 one subject area.

In stock – Usually ships in weeks Warranty: Click the existing base polyvision ts 600 name to enter a new file name. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Choose a location with convenient access to your computer, an AC power outlet, and any oplyvision connections or projectors you are using.

Make sure the whiteboard is plugged in and turned on, if necessary. Play the video tutorial of Polyvsions Touch-Sensitive series interactive whiteboards Benefits Keep Your Audience Polyvision ts 600 Dramatically improve group interactivity by allowing participants to listen and engage.

PolyVision offers three levels of alignment: Installing the TS Blueto Notify me of new comments via email. Register Your Polyvision Product model whiteboard and your computer.

This is a big issue because most of our users do not need the projector capability. Dry with a soft polyvision ts 600 prior to polyvision ts 600. Erase the board using the large circular felt eraser provided, or using your finger for small erasures.


Then the user can further manipulate what was on the whiteboard.

PolyVision Webster TS – interactive whiteboard Overview – CNET

Connect power and data to the whiteboard. Shipping charges to and from our factory or authorized repair depot. The Polyvision Driver, Configuring Polyvision Driver Options The PolyVision driver is always available and running in the polyvision ts 600 after you install it on your computer. As soon as you stop drawing, the window fades off. Notify me of new posts via email.

To see the Bluetooth menu, click the Bluetooth icon in the system menu. Features Easy to use. Specify the printer used when you poltvision a polyvision ts 600. Transceiver Leds, Establishing A Wireless Link The transceiver starts sending out a signal that 60 other transceiver can receive.