Some models are branded as Reflecta or Braun in Europe. Faster than the extra pass scanning in IR. Once you’re familiar with SilverFast, you’ll probably want to simply adjust settings as needed. Luckily I got refunded after complaining without a lot of do. A 16bit black and white Tiff-file dpi has around 19 mega byte which is plenty. Cuts down on the manual labor.

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I am using the previous model, the i.

Would be really interested to see plustek 8200i you go with getting up and running and seeing what sort of interface their plustek 8200i provides for scanning. Reply Frank Lehnen Plustdk 3, at On fast and automatic you get that classic blurry Fuji scan with jpeg artefacts removing most of the detail up close or it can bring out plenty of detail — the thing that changes is the scan settings.

A case for home scanning & the Plustek OpticFilm i – Guest post by KJ Vogelius – 35mmc

plustek 8200i But the Cyberview interface is no very inspiring… or inspired! Reply rollbahn April 10, at Like the author I preferred more control and also scanning is very expensive in Australia as there are few options left.


Actually I marked it with nail polish so I don’t have to guess. Would you have any other suggestions? Works well with Plustek 8200i. Some models are branded as Reflecta or Braun in Europe. Pretty accurate with film types. Subscribe to email plustek 8200i.

The Plustek OpticFilm i Ai film scanner offers high resolution, hardware-based dust and scratch removal, and simple color calibration for scans. I think dpi is theoretical. In any case, for 35mm film, I have little use for plustek 8200i greater resolution.

Plustek 8200i at home has given me more control and higher quality files. Speed and colour both look amazing. I can never get consistent color.

If you take advantage of the SilverFast Multi-Exposure feature, the scans plustek 8200i significantly longer. Great detail provided in images.

Plustek OpticFilm i Ai Review & Rating |

Reply The Bimbler April 9, at 7: KJ is right, there is less expensive software plustek 8200i there as Photoshop — you might even try an older version of Photoshop Express you plustek 8200i sometimes get plustek 8200i very little money. The film I mainly use is Ilford Delta or Delta David Stone is an award-winning plustem writer and computer industry consultant.


International orders are processed the next shipping day. Pljstek drivers working with all the scanners around and capable of addressing all their features.

It takes the negative image and converts it to whatever film 8200l used. Reply kodachromeguy June 7, at Thank you for commenting To me, plustek 8200i trade-offs are simply not worth it.

A case for home scanning & the Plustek OpticFilm 8200i – Guest post by KJ Vogelius

Please check your local plustek 8200i tax laws. Reply KJ Vogelius April 9, at Now if I would be able to learn really good home printing on a not too expensive printer…. This is from Silverfast.