I started hitting the ball flush and then I got rained out, but I could tell I was striking the ball strongly again. Hitting out into the range from the fitting bay. These clubs are great for accuracy and trueness. Anybody have any experience with that set? Cheers Big Ears wrote see Just to let you know fatshaft the 3 wood is mint.

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My pro that I am taking lessons with was a little concerned about the thickness of the bottom of the club, I think it is called the sole, she has not played with that f20 of Iron. You will have ping i20 vs g20 fun now and you can continue to play them well as you get better. We’d love to have you! I’ve got G10’s now, but they are nothing like the Eye 2’s.

Started off hitting the G20 7 iron down the range first and loved both the look and feel of it. Jun 21, Messages: Log in or register to post comments.

If I was ;ing in the ‘s, I would still be with my G20’s. By iacasDecember 31, in Instruction and Playing Tips. Register a new ping i20 vs g20.

My Ping Eye 2’s were the best clubs I’ve ever owned.

Ping i20 vs Ping G20 – Clubs, Grips, Shafts, Fitting – The Sand Trap .com

I t20 hitting the ball flush and then I got rained out, but I could tell I was striking the ball strongly again. Overall I was delighted with what I was seeing on the range and also the figures ping i20 vs g20 I was getting from the radar thingy machine. I have hit the g25, g20, and i I couldn’t figure ping i20 vs g20 out and it had me really miserable.


This made me shoot my shots with little effort. Can’t wait to order something, I have been fitted, but still unsure about which one to order. Posted 22 H20 – Hex Tour Black Rangefinder: The I20 are a great set of clubs but for what you’ve described and viewing your current handicap the G20 will last you a long time into the future.

Dumb all over, a little ugly on the side. Why not wait and hit them both before deciding though. If they don’t bother you, you’ll probably love the G20’s as well.

Golf euthusiastPing i20 vs Ping G20 |

I hit them both well, but ping i20 vs g20 I made a less than perfect swing, late in the session, when my back ping i20 vs g20 plng up, the G15s had a clear advantage, most noticeably in the 5 and 6 iron. We appreciate that you found this thread instead of starting a new one, but if you plan to post here please make sure it’s still relevant. Both were great irons imho. I was amazed to find i was actually hitting these even higher than the G20 The club to me felt very light, but ling suffer for it, conversly my colleague thought it felt heavy, so take from that what you will.


First, I second the recommendation to find a good set of Eye 2’s. I took a flyer on the 3 wood, based on the fact I was getting a good deal to get them as a package with the irons, have been looking to replace my G5 for ages, but can;t find a decent ping i20 vs g20 wood that works for me.

You should have seen where the balls ping i20 vs g20 landing then and not need trackman to tell you where it landed,were the I20’s that much longer in the o20 area or was it just the machine spitting out numbers?

Ping G20 v. i20….thoughts???

Try our Press G200 Manager He is really struggling and wishes, now, he would have gone to the G20 irons. Did you get fit for everything?

Want to join this community? My question is this: In my black Pioneer cart bag: