You see, the wood could shift position as you drive, adversely affecting how you activate those pedals. The mobility center’s list of dealers can be found at http: And if you repeatedly put them on and take them off so multiple drivers can use the car, the extenders “can get weakened,” she said. The pedals are brought closer to provide a more comfortable, safer driving position. Pedal Extensions Text to be added shortly. Will not alter clutch perfor

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In the model year, Ford is expanding the power adjustable pedals to the Windstar minivan as well as the Taurus mid-size sedan. I’ve pedal adjusters short looking for a new car that’s comfortable for me, where I can touch the pedals, yet sit OK a bit back from the steering wheel. Thus, she advises manual pedal extenders “for a one-user car.

Hinged pedals can be flipped down easily for adusters driving.


The brake and accelerator pedals move together as a unit and remain pedall from each other and on the same plane. The two pedals are simply linked by a cable, which is invisible when fitted.

Adaptations to pedals can be undertaken, to assist drivers with right leg pedal adjusters short or for use in conjunction with hand controls.

Single pedal adjusters short guards are often fitted alongside hinged accelerators which have the zdjusters primary purpose as pedal guards but allow you to stretch your right leg out. Kits move floor mounted pedals closer to the driver and eliminate the need for extra long seat brackets used to move th Place pedal adjusters short ad Home delivery.


This Corvette EZ-Clutch Pedal Extension allows most drivers a more comfortable seating position so you don’t have to sit so close to fully disengage your clutch. Pedal Adaptions Pedal Guards Pedal guards are always used alongside adjysters controls.

Pedal guards are always used alongside hand controls. The safety function only allows for one pedal to be deployed at any one time. With 1″ of Male Thread. A quick release mechanism allows the device to be removed easily so that the accelerator can be used in the standard right pedal adjusters short position.

Hinged pedals are usually required when the driver is using hand controls to operate the accelerator pedal. Because you only use one pedal on at a time, you can rest your pedal adjusters short foot on the opposite pedal. Hinged accelerators are often used alongside brake guards when driving with hand controls. But Plank noted these types of extenders, which are manually attached to the pedals, often make the car unusable for other drivers.

Now just leave t The pedal adjusters short extensions are securely clamped to the pedals. It has an adjustable reach of two to six inches using an off-set bracket.

Left foot accelerators will fit all automatic vehicles except organ style pedals.

Pedal extenders for drivers of short stature

If a dealer decides you need help reaching the pedals, he or she can supply pedal extenders that are designed and built to provide safe access to brake and accelerator pedals. An initial fitting will be required for the driver in pedal adjusters short vehicle at our premises in Calne, Wiltshire in order to gauge the correct size. CMG reserves the right to inspect the product to determine its pedal adjusters short condition. Pedal Extensions Text to be added shortly.


Pedal Extensions Refine Results. PedalMates also provide safe driving solutions for pregnant drivers, overweight drivers, or drivers with knee and hip problems.

Pedal Extensions | eBay

This site uses cookies: Please feel free to contact us at Also shop in Also shop in. Left Foot Acclerators Electronic Left Pedal adjusters short Accelerators These are ideal for people with limited use of their right leg because they provide a very simple solution, pedal adjusters short the driver to operate both the accelerator and the brake with their left foot.

This can be dangerous with feet accidentally hitting the brake or pexal or, getting stuck behind one of the pedal adjusters short. Pedal extensions also referred to as pedal extenders are bolt on devices that bring the pedals of the vehicle higher and closer to the driver, providing more space between short-stature drivers and the steering wheel.