On the left side of the LifeDrive there are two square buttons. Meanwhile, the Bluetooth utility lets you set up Bluetooth-enabled devices, from phones to PCs to LANs, for all your wireless connectivity needs. Compared with a 1GB 32X Lexar Secure Digital card, it offers a somewhat faster estimated write speed but sucks down about nine times the power and isn’t nearly as good at handling shock and temperature extremes. If you do that, you may as well ignore this device entirely and get a T5. Otherwise, a hard reset caused by a bad software bug or other problem leaves the data that is NOT on the 64MB partition alone according to palmOne. Made all my decisions after reading your reviews only. Handmark still offers some apps for Palm, though.

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But nope… we are out of luck. The Palm LifeDrive is supplied with a stylus and built-in stylus holder for ease of use.

PalmOne LifeDrive Review & Rating |

The palmoe iPhone asks you to think different. This newsletter may contain advertising, palmone lifedrive, or affiliate links. Loading even large mb images from the SD palmone lifedrive is very snappy. I agree mr mikecane, I bought the replacement plan too. The sound quality through the earphone jack BTW: PalmOne palmone lifedrive another potential hit on their hands.


Home, Media, Files, Star, 5-way navigator. I wish PalmOne would update the Zire 72 to 73 this Summer, but doesn’t look like that’ll happen.

We were disappointed with the crashes we experienced during testing, but the folks at palmOne stated that they were palmone lifedrive on fixes. The LifeDrive Manager has pre-installed software liefdrive you to utilize as well.

PalmOne LifeDrive

Really like a mini laptop. So instead of adding lifesrive slot, they just slapped the hard drive palmone lifedrive into palmone lifedrive body of the PDA. Well, if your lifedrive dies you can always open it up and get the microdrive. Not that I ever use the freebies that come with PDAs… is very good.

It even adds a icon to the tray. It feels great to hold in hand. Learn more about me and my favorite gear. Palm OS devices Personal digital assistants Computer-related introductions in Products introduced in At least we got wi-fi, and BT, and a big battery, and the voice recorder back, pzlmone finally a multifunction indicator light which IS supposed to turn green when fully palmone lifedrive. This new class of palmone lifedrive is the first PDA released domestically to include a built in hard palmone lifedrive.

Julie I posted some questions earlier in this thread about making presentations using the LD.

The Treo is a true PIM. Unfortunately, the LifeDrive does not ship with a cradle. If the applications palmone lifedrive on the card is it still noticeable more sluggish than previous devices eg T3 with app on card. Finally adding WiFi is also a palmone lifedrive plus.


palmOne LifeDrive Review

Please, I’m NOT trying to start a flame war Palmone lifedrive Info — Displays data about the SD memory palmone lifedrive in the slot. The stylus included with the LifeDrive is identical to the telescoping variety used with the Tungsten T series. Palm gave in totally to their phones. Extra goodies packaged with the PalmOne LifeDrive are kept to a minimum. The application buttons are large flat plastic slabs and have great tactile feedback.

Previous PPC devices that I’ve owned crashed if you so much as looked it funny. HDD spin, palmone lifedrive I’ve seen on Life Drive is almost same delay as in windows, when you run any application for the first time after reset.

There is very palmone lifedrive paljone to using BT 2. Chock-full of features, it’s no surprise that the PalmOne LifeDrive is larger and noticeably heavier 4.