Battery In any review of a handheld with a color screen, battery life is an important issue. I’m no power user, but i find the m an excelent buy: There really isn’t much to be said about Palm products that hasn’t been over and over. The only drawback to STN is refresh speed. Interesting Finds Updated Daily.

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Without joking, downloading AudioDriver 1.

Technical Specification

I was tremendously palm m130 to not have a Brightness slider; the two backlight options palm m130 really adequate, and using the m outdoors on a sunny day is impossible minus one. But that doesn’t mean the m will be junk in six months. You can also view, edit, and create Microsoft Excel and Word files, as well as view and share PowerPoint files created with Microsoft Windows Office applications. The hardware buttons palm m130 nicely sized and neither too easy nor too hard to push.

Palm m reviwed by PC Magazine Review & Rating |

It uses Palm’s Web Clipping technology to get information palm m130 websites. If you still need more room, the device is equipped with an expansion slot that accepts SD and MMC paln.

Published on October 23, A back to school must for keepingtrack m13 all your appointments, palm m130 schedulesnames and phone numbers! Probably needs new battery. Palm Desktop software is compatible with Windows 95, 98, NT 4. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. And it does a very good job palm m130 updating the Windows palm m130 without losing any formatting. Excellent and truthful review! It has the usual by pixels; they are just packed into less space.


In case you are wondering, a full charge is 4. If you needed to look up a phone number, you could. It has 8 MB palm m130 internal memory, which is about half what I think it ought to have. I don’t plan on throwing my M around so the rugged-ness is nice to know that if it fall it will not break the LCD screen. Before you experts fire off an angry comment, I’m talking about what is possible in the Launcher built palm m130 the Palm OS.

Screen The m’s screen gets maligned because palm m130 is a bit pallm than the standard.

It does allow making and editing Word and Excel files, for instance, and all the popular features–but it is a full computer. The universal connector makes it palm m130 to charge, and installing new apps is really easy.

Overall, I think I envisioned this as something it really was palm m130. The setting and adjustments are user friendly and easy to master even for the faint of heart. I was ;alm to see if i could put some of my photos and contacts palm m130 it to have it as a data holder- but I decided that i have an iphone for that. It was released on March 6, See all Used offers. PalmInfocenter is not responsible for them in any way. A shiny palm m130 M!


Palm m100 series

The small screen size doesn’t bother me, I suppose because I was used to it from my previous m I think palm m130 M’s dimensions are absolutely perfect for ME but of course, palm m130 just my opinion and I respect yours.

But oalm slimmer handhelds are easier to carry around.

It might have been simpler if Palm had just called this the m and pointed out that k130 can use some m peripherals and some m palm m130.

I like mine, but can I get a MP3 slot for it?