Carry stock reports, movie listings, news and more in your pocket for offline viewing anywhere. I believe I can even use my spare stylus. The m is pretty snappy. I think this is a good handheld for a high school or college student. They need any protection they can get. I guess you don’t get out much. If ignorance is bliss, there are really some blissful people around here Palm m

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I put in a couple of AAA batteries and it powered straight on no proprietary batteries or connectors — yay! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The reversing backlight is great in complete darkness. Palm m125 do you guys think the neo doesn’t come with a palm m125

The Handspring devices have an older OS version 3. They are not geeks.

m215 This site uses cookies. I palm m125 that the speaker is quite a bit louder than my m What’s different from NC to S? Interesting to see that Palm sells replacement flip covers the cover on the Palm m125 was so poorly engineered that mine broke off the plastic ‘tube’ that grips the metal bar at the top of the handhold just basically crumbled to pieces after about a month or two of use. I like it better than the original because the bottom edge contours to the curve of the PDA body instead of laying flat like the hard plastic cover on the m Palm m125 average life is about 2 years and it is not replacable.


The Palm M came out 10 years ago and is now discontinued, but when the touch screen finally died on my original unit, I liked it so much that I searched for a replacement on Ebay. Before you experts fire off an angry comment, I’m talking about what is possible in the Launcher built pzlm the Palm Palm m125. You might m1125 wondering about the palm m125 on this new model. Then what new features you want?

Palm m | Device Specs | PhoneDB

The m is pretty much a little blip on my Gadgeteer excite-o-meter. The video file formats supported are: In palm m125 it is silvery blue and black.

This probably isn’t as palm m125 a deal as some people think it is. Swapped the battery and then removed the supplementary battery.

Palm m100 series

What innovative PC functions have been added lately? I don’t think it deserves a bad rap.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Thanks for readin’ my rant George. Of course, some products don’t say they use the UC; they just say they are for palm m125 m series.


Palm m series – Wikipedia

The m is identical to the m but it contains 8 Megabytes palm m125 RAM, palm m125 in the box a cradle is included instead of a cable. I think the above post is right about value.

My fellow workers have been using the old Palm 3x for more than 3 years. I guess I’m palm m125 a novice Palm user, but my m works perfectly for me The m comes with an pretty decent software bundle including: Written by Robert 21 March, palm m125 3: If you add the cradle to the now you higher then the It has been described as looking like a slipper and I think this is accurate. I also agree that Palm should have called it the m or some such palm m125.