It’s these little extras that set the dot s2 apart from other netbooks, and combined with the comfortable keyboard, bright screen and excellent build quality, make it a compelling choice. Single Review, online available, Very Short, Date: The signal noise of the x pixel test images are surprisingly low. This lets you connect the Dot S2 to another laptop or desktop PC and transfer files, synchronise folders and even synchronise Microsoft Outlook data between devices. With it’s low price, stylish design and it’s usability the Dot S2 is one of the best second generation netbooks we’ve seen. A lot of netbook for euro The Packard Bell Dot s2 retrieves many of the points that a netbook can seize nowadays. Not only is it conveniently built into the power socket, it also features an unusual rotating removable plug that will make the PSU fit in any orientation you prefer — genius!

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It makes amends with a generous specification, including a GB hard disk, On and full speed. While it is a nice touch and packard bell dot s2 you touch up your home photos on the move, it is dott quite slow to respond when editing large photos.

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Single Review, online available, Long, Date: A compromise in terms of keyboard quality is almost inevitable in a be,l, though. It’s packard bell dot s2 great little netbook at a good price, and especially so when you consider extras such as the nifty XSync. Desktop performance for Windows Aero. Intel’s hyperthreading technology makes a virtual core available for applications.


If the memory capacity of GB is soon too small. Thus, packard bell dot s2 reflection weak surfing in sunlight is made impossible. It’s made suitable for German outlets by a plug insert. A sound in use is frequently non-existent.

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The touchpad is an improvement and the extra bundled software packard bell dot s2 welcome bonus, while it also manages to out perform the Acer-branded version in packar of battery life. On the other hand the netbook does have a few stylish touches, such as the power button to the left of the hinge which features a blue-backlit spiral pattern.

Important packard bell dot s2 energy savers is also a low power consumption in standby and in a packard bell dot s2 state. The Dot s2 has been put under processor load for two hours for this, though. Despite the comparably weak battery and the low weight of 1. Listening to music with five browser tabs open and to type in the mail client at the same time? Packard Bell has never ever built in matt displays into its netbooks.

Line-out, mic, Card Reader: Our eyes can stray up to 20 degrees before the image dims on the vertical plane. A beautifully designed, well-built netbook with an excellent keyboard, decent battery life and some useful extras.

The illumination is extraordinarily homogeneous. A small detail that packardd like: While its somewhat limited storage may put some buyers off, this is still by far one of the best netbooks you can currently buy.


Although an Atom processor isn’t up to serious photo-editing, it’s still a useful application for organising photos and making quick edits — such as getting rid of red-eye, boosting colours or cropping. Users should however create a backup packard bell dot s2 carrier with the Packard Bell Software Suite prior to this.

The stroke is firm, especially because the keys sit tight on the entire surface. If you’re not planning to do any stress tests with packard bell dot s2 Packard Bell Dot s2, but only want to write emails packard bell dot s2 watch video clips, you can take delight in pleasant temperatures of circa Add its unique features and low price and you’ve got a great mini-laptop that easily stands out from the already bustling crowd.

If a thick carpet or a blanket covers the loudspeakers, they naturally can’t emit a balanced sound then. The dot s2 offers decent battery life and good ease-of-use. But this isn’t packard bell dot s2 tragedy because the The Packard Bell Dot S2 is a stylish and highly portable