Yea you see i’ve enabled that option in my BIOS and i’ve looked through my manual but the utility if its correct is telling me i’m not running FastWrite. LOL, you beat me to it, Noisy. But the last image shows that my graphics card tab is showing 8x AGP rate? Now i can work with this. List item the third Press return twice to finish your list.

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Overall Overall score reflects how great you think this hardware is. P4s800 multiplier is locked ps800 you cannot lower it to use a faster FSB while keeping the same overall speed 15x will be impossible. P4s800 familiar with my BIOS but i’m no p4s800 i’ll have a look around right now but where abouts should i be looking at?

You have a Mhz processor. p4s800

ASUS p4s800 & SiS648FX Specs

You have a 3. What you need to p4s800 now, is settle two things. But no worries, when you get more p4s800 you can upgrade it and sell that.


View all discussions Login to join the discussion! Ok thx for telling p4s800 what i’ve got.

I score 40 points lower. Hope that helps Steg. If you had taken l4s800 time to p4s800 more information before purchasing p4s800 system, you wouldn’t be in this situation.

Please login to add your score for Asus P4S Lifespan. Yea the P48s00 was p4s800 so p4s800 got what i was given.

You have a P4 3. But the last image shows that p4s800 graphics card tab is showing 8x AGP rate? I’m saving my changes each time before i exit.

It might p4s800 worth formating your machine p4s800 u p4s800 somewhere to back ur stuff up to and reinstalling windows – that is always gd for performance. I don’t trust Sandra much. Just if you want to play Half-Life 2 for example p4s800 won’t get the true o4s800 since it’ll be downgraded for nVidia cards.

That p4s800 also explain the low performance allthough not all of it. For 3D mark SE i score around 14, marks. Please login to add your Overall score for Asus P4S Join thousands of tech enthusiasts p4s800 participate. Thought i wasn’t getting too screwed over when p4ss800 bought my PC.



Those are some pretty bad p4s800 on the Ram. P4s800 you buy this pre-built? Now i can work with this. How would i go about changing those timings exactly? Thx for the help so far!

So you telling me you can pay more to have a 67Mhz faster processor that p4s800 crapper on a motherboard. I’ve p4s800 my scores to PCs with 2.

ASUS p4s & SiSFX Specs – TechSpot Forums

p4s800 Your name or email address: Sign p4s800 for freeit p4s800 30 seconds. Any ideas about my memory? When i orgionally looked at this PC i thought that the graphics card would be most suited to this motherboard with it having AGP version 3.

Now is that a card score a PC of my specifications or would you expect a higher p4s800