Oh and one more thing this mobo and processor combo is the 1st exchange already cause this first combo also the same mobo and processor of its kind gave me the same identical problem. JET Jan 15, , 4: I have tried 2 different types of ddr2 memory and nothing works in the board.. Hi again Jet, thanks a lot for your fast replay. I use a ddr pc 2x mb stick and have tried a third stick of the same kind also 3 different monitors, 3 different hard drives and lastly 2 video card and the mobo’s own video plug but still nothing shows up on the monitor, everything on the cpu like the system fan, processor fan works even the keybord lites up so any idea on whats the problem??

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I p4m800-m them before I went back to “Fry’s”.

JET, where are the pins located p4m800-m were removed in your board? ROM for this to work. I tried changing the only front-side p4m800-m speed a couple of times resultiing only in having to reset the mobo to get it to boot.

For flashing the bios RTM. p4m800-m

I did a lot of experimenting with this board and different memory; it seems that it will not p4m800-m properly with two strips of DDR2 memory installed Hey, I have recently purchased a pentium Dand the infamous p4mpro-m v. Disconnect every thing p4m800-m 1 memory stick and use the on-board video port.


P4m800-m don’t think your problem is the memory p4m800-m most people using DDR have not p4m800-m this problem and have only good things, mostly, to say about p4m800-m 4pm800-m. Select format and then click the box for create a startup disc.


I need a mobo that gas a agp card and will run. I was able to get video and get to the setup p4m800-m. What RAM to take? Hi again Jet, thanks a lot p4m800-mm your fast replay.

I have, Using default or optimal settings in bios except p4m800-m C1E support, I have this enabled. p4m800-m


I was hoping to overclock as well. Thankyou For the Insight. I can predict the p4m800-m by running memtest I upgraded but I’m having the same problems. Hard to believe this after so many good experiences with p4m800-m boards in the past.

All went just fine.

I p4m800-m a bunch of negative reviews for this motherboard at Newegg and it appears the random restart problem p4m800-m when p4m800-m DDR2, especially 1GB.

Keep the Faith, JET It took me quite a while to narrow it down to memory and other’s might be wondering what’s happening. Hope this helps and that the fix holds!


I have finally reverted to sending in p4m800-m one p4m800-m a new one to see if that works. A p4n800-m restarts later and the screen is black. This eliminates any XP p4m800-m application factors.

JET Feb 2, TomCA Feb 3, p4m800-m, 6: My solution to the problem was to go out and grab an intel board and take advantage of dual channel memory.

Single P4m800-m or Dual Core for gaming? The system would show failing memory addresses at close p4m800-m 1GB with p4m800-m pair of kingston ‘s installed, but each strip tested fine in both slots individually.

P4M800Pro-M & DDR2 RAM Problem

I went and bought a new one, Brought it home and compared them. To make the boot p4m800-m with XP. ECS tech p4m800-m keeps p4m800-m for information I’ve already given them and seems inclined to ignore the problem.