Chipsets Previous page Next page. This is a custom made PC. It is also available for Intel processors, whereby it provides 40 PCI-Express lanes, which can be divided over 9 slots. Windows 7 has the chipset drivers included as part of the OS. Nowadays, core logic chips aren’t considered very exciting, except by what they enable the more exciting chips, like CPUs and GPUs, to do. Privacy Policy Support Terms of Use. The main reason they put two controllers, is to add additional SATA ports.

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The Tech Hvidia System Guide: This has the effect of causing audible pops and clicks with PCI sound cards. In fact, since the south bridge or MCP has no PCI Express links coming out of it, nvidia nforce4 sli chipset chip-to-chip interconnect on the nForce4 Intel Edition should be plenty fast enough at this relatively low bitrate. Chipsets Previous page Next page.

NVIDIA nForce4 SLI / SLI X16

The two chips are connected via the HyperTransport link. It is also available for Intel processors, whereby it provides 40 PCI-Express lanes, which can be divided over 9 slots.

We will never share this with anyone. This is the only version of the nForce4 for AMD processors that has a separate northbridge and southbridge.


I never used or installed in the past so I guess I could leave without it!!! But generally speaking, are drivers that come with Windows any nfoece4 than drivers that are distributed by the motherboard manufacturers or chipset manufacturers? Sign up with Facebook.

Driver updates were also found to be unsuccessful. Thank you very much for all your help.

Dual Core Intel Platform Shootout – NVIDIA nForce4 vs. Intel 955X

In fact, I wouldn’t install them at all, unless Win7 simply doesn’t have a driver for something. By clicking you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This isn’t your Athlon 64’s HyperTransport, though; in this implementation, the HT link nvidia nforce4 sli chipset carries data between the north bridge and south bridge, so it’s less important than the HT link between CPU and chipset on the Athlon nvidia nforce4 sli chipset What’s new and what’s not in the Intel Edition If you read the paragraphs above and your eyes glazed over at the mention of an alien nvidia nforce4 sli chipset, SLI, then you need to go read thisthisand maybe thisso you can get a feel for the technology.

Dell might be working on a dual-screen handheld called Januss. Solutions Learn More Through Courses. Should I asssume they are wrong? Get a personalized answer when you ask a related question.

I had downloaded those drivers as well. Just as Chipdet thought. This can theoretically double framerates by splitting work between the two GPUs. Here is the manufacturer’s URL: The HAL is different.


The nForce4 has not nvidia nforce4 sli chipset without its growing pains, but it still dominates the enthusiast motherboard scene for the Athlon This section needs additional citations for verification.

NVIDIA’s nForce4 SLI Intel Edition chipset

Motherboards based on early revisions are mostly referred to as “nForcex” relating with their ability to handle HT speeds of 4x. An oddity of the Intel Edition is the fact that while it works with the Nvidia nforce4 sli chipset D 3. This page was last edited on 10 Februaryat You can then download the Nvidia video drivers for better video performance. ActiveArmor also has a high probability of nvidia nforce4 sli chipset corruption of file downloads.

I will keep you posted. This is a custom made PC.

As for the CPU, it depends on how close of a match it is.