Now if I could just get quieter fans so I can hear the speakers. It was top of the line. Emachines are junk also, I have worked on many of them. I was able to get a full refund but from my understanding, the refund was from the local reseller and not from Equus. I think it is a design flaw. There are a lot of chinese knockoffs out there to choose from. I have an older Nobilis.

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I loaded up this laptop.

They are resellers for Equus Computers. Emachines are junk also, I have worked on many of them. What I do nobilis computer is that I earn a living with my computer and not having a laptop has cost me money and time. Skip to content Last December, I purchased nobilis computer new laptop. After that started happening, it just stared locking up for no reason. Equus Comouter claims on their web site that they are 1 nobilis computer the Nation for system builders.

Equus Computer Web Store – Lewis Surveillance

I hated the fact that the reseller had to go through this because we live in a small town and they really worked with me on this. If anyone knows other than xomputer sites for drivers please nobilis computer up on this site. Try Nobilis Computers you wll never nobilis computer.

I am sorry you had nobilis computer bad one but thats all it was-a bad one that they will either fix, replace or return at your option! It was top of the line.

New Drivers  HP7660 DRIVER

Nobliis has not only been a money saver for our customers requiring little to no repair work but also for the Engineer that has to take the time to work on them, therefore freeing up his time for other nibilis needs. I would advise anyone looking into acquiring a Nobilis notebook, i would advise not. Our secretary at school also had a Nobilis laptop and had so many problems she asked for a different computer, she got a Dell and has had NO problems!!!

They never tested the power adapters. I am totally wrong. I receive the text saying my number has been blocked. This is nobilis computer to an earlier post nobilis computer Dan: It just went black on me and I took it to be fixed, I got it nobilis computer, comluter it on nobilis computer worked for about 15 minutes and went black on me again!!!

However certain drivers are missing. The only thing the Owner cares about is profits.

Do Not Buy Equus/Nobilis Computers – The DIP Shtick

nobilis computer Last December, I purchased a new laptop. I have had a Dell laptop at school for about 6 years and have not had problem one with it.

Interesting how they get by with selling this stuff to so many people before getting caught. Great job posting the warning and getting nobilis computer word out. We have been a reseller of Nobilis Systems for about 8 years now nobillis have had very little turn around for work or hardware replacement on them.


Nobilis i1612D

I have an older Nobilis. It has a pentium 4 2. I have asked for my money back. The video card went out on it and I have been trying to see if the video card is replaceable, so I call their tech support and get this recording stating I will get a text message.

They would plug it in on their power co,puter and run their tests. Now if I could just get nobilis computer fans so I can hear the speakers. So I took a power adapter plug from a Toshiba that has a pigtail on it to plug onto nobiilis nobilis computer, cut off the connector to the motherboard, and soldered the wires to the board and drilled a small hole in the case to leave the adapter plug outside the unit.

The first nobilis computer I nobilis computer the unit back, I sent the power adapters with it. Their service and support is fantastic.