I will post how it works out…. If you are reading Marantz, make a disappointed Brit happy and contact me in response to this posting. First off, I took me about 30 seconds to figure out how to work the menu. Something I could plug a decent rifle or stereo mic into and get the best out of the mic. Major background noise and hiss. These hiccups looked like they occured at regular intervals until the end of the track. All around this is explained in this article.

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If you really want to use that mic, but are getting clipping at all input levels, buy an external mic pad, there are simple XLR barrels with switches, or with fixed pads that can be placed in-line with the mic cable.

The PRX encoder is good. He hoped that there would marantz pmd 660 a fix for that down the line.

Marantz PMD 660

BTW if any Marantz folks are still checking this list, marnatz information would be welcomed marantz pmd 660 any of these issues! If you expect to do a lot of interviews, then there really is no point being economical unless you are a grad student or someone with limited funds.

I will post soon some examples of our experiments. This unit shows so much promise if only it could live up.

Marantz PMD – Wikipedia

For example, a 1 GB card will record over 60 minutes of stereo uncompressed audio, while the same capacity card using compressed MP3 marantz pmd 660 will yield over 17 hours of stereo audio. This configuration may be the only way to allow a “live” switching of the batteries. A not-so-good marantz pmd 660 to an msrantz work environment — a Rode NT-4 stereo mic.


I really could learn to marantz pmd 660 the features of both the andbut they only worked on paper. I create big WAV files for music recording. Even with these marantz pmd 660, they say they still get the best results with louder condenser mics. I broke the results up into two sections: Your right, the “prepares it for use” statement is ambiguous, but the second sentence “…format it in your computer…” really leads me to believe that it does just erases all the files.

Less than this drops performance e. It will be interesting to see if the new PMD will have improved preamps? This is marahtz like a marantz pmd 660 strong contender as a field recorder, not too big, not too expensive, but still with XLRs, phantom power and decent meters.

Could you let us know where you bought this marantz pmd 660 HHB also has a new flash recorder, 1GB built into a microphone: Noise in digital photo is a huge problem that can be solved sometime at the cost of degrading the picture quality The main problem with noise in photography is the it is for a big part random marantz pmd 660 or linked to contextual situation CCD have a different behavior in different temperature conditions for example.

Marantz PMD660 Recorder

I have read all I have found on this device. The pkd thing interesting about it is its 24 bit marantz pmd 660 and SPDIF input, but for that high a bit rate it marantz pmd 660 needs a hard drive.


On the firmware you will find the latest at the end of the PMD thread. Help Transom get new work and voices to public radio by donating now.

Despite its marantz pmd 660 size — only x 80 x 28 mm 4. Result was no whines or screetchs, fairly clean, crisp sound; albeit the whole room was recorded.

I was able to recover most of the file, but not all of it. Also interestingly having opened the manual for the first time today Marantz says the inputs are marantz pmd 660. Where do I get a simple plug in for PT so I can export file as or bounce to the format conforming with the new Content Depot: Hey guys, Anyone here conduct any marantz pmd 660 tests from loud sound sources?

I filled an entire 2-gig CF card, recording a mono As it turns out mp2 is still broadcast quality, but it marantz pmd 660 not be “podcast quality”.

I am now using marantz pmd 660 CF card reader plugged into the Mac and I can then “choose” which files I want to download. Mikes included dynamic omnidirectionals, stereo mikes, and mrantz condensers with phantom power.