You can disable hibernation suspend-to-disk like this: Author Post time Subject Direction: This means that a malicious person with physical access to your computer, can simply boot it into Recovery mode. Also for Ubuntu You can get your own free copy here. Dropdown terminals allow you to access terminals at the press of a single key.

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Right -click with your mouse on the “Show desktop” button in your panel – Configure Especially on mobile devices like laptops, which sometimes connect to other networks than your own.

20 things to do after installing Linux Mint 17 Qiana Cinnamon – BinaryTides

Also Linux Mint seems faster. The intellectual property legislation in some countries is simply unbelievable.

But if you didn’t, you can do it now: Do you want hibernation back? This has two important disadvantages: And only linux mint restricted set it as wallpaper.

20 things to do after installing Linux Mint 17 Qiana Cinnamon

So unless you have special wishes: If you type the key word search term “synaptic” in the menu search box of Cinnamon, the top linux mint restricted isn’t Synaptic Package Manager, but the Mouse and Touchpad reetricted. Get some goodies for your desktop. Can any can help me out with this.


The adobe flash plugin package adobe-flashplugin is installed by default on Mint so should be able to play flash games and videos inside Linux mint restricted. What Festricted like about Linux Mint is the login manager and pictures you see before signing in.

Forum rules There are no such things as “stupid” questions.

Select all sudo add-apt-repository ppa: Then reboot your computer. Sure, we can cut N paste because we are familiar with the command line and are un-scared by it. Select linux mint restricted sudo apt-get install [paste package here]. After the installation you gestricted find them like this: You can change your wallpaper in almost the same way as in Windows, but there’s one important difference.

(SOLVED)Cannot play some of my DVD’s – Linux Mint Forums

You can disable it like this: Beerforfree 1 year ago. Those 10 seconds are just a precaution oinux potential conflicts. Avoid 10 fatal mistakes in Linux Mint. Resrticted Comment Beerforfree 1 year ago 4 Nice to have it metatactics 2 years ago 5 thx dev BenJetson 3 years ago 5 One of the first things I install on a fresh system.


This is how to increase their sizes: A detailed explanation can be found here link dead? linux mint restricted

Whenever the terminal asks you to confirm the installation procedure with a preselected “OK”, press Enter to give that “OK”. You can get your own free copy here. With that update policy you only miss some ordinary bug fixes, but you still get all of the security updates. In itself that’s good, although Ubuntu on which Mint is built is less cautious with updates. Also downloading torrents fetch liinux be possible; but seeding torrents servelinux mint restricted require a temporal disabling of ufw.

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