The product must meet strict guidelines which ensures that you receive a clean and guaranteed working part. North America, Europe and Asia. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. An error occurred during configuration and validation of SIMM memory: Make sure the printer is set at the same baud rate as the computer. The buyer will be responsible for return shipping. For instance, a Postscript file may have been sent to the printer without enough installed memory to support Postscript.

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If the error appears again, record the numbers following he error message and call you dealer or HP laserjet 4v representative.

HP LaserJet 4V C3141A Refurbished

Switch the printer off, then back on. Follows a control panel Reset selection.

The data rules, dens text, raster or vector graphics sent to the printer was too complex. While clearing paper, the top cover or the rear cover must be opened and closed laserjet 4v before pressing Continue or On Line to resume.

Menu items to user-selected settings and erase buffered page data, temporary soft fonts and temporary macros. If you have any problems, please contact us immediately and we will repair or replace the part quickly. laserjet 4v

The printer received a graphics print file that was too complex to print at the requested resolution. Unfortunately, accessing the solenoids requires disassembling most of the input mechanism. The Laserjet 4v Laserjet 4MV is great for the person who needs to produce a lot of 11″ x 17″ prints or for the person who prints mostly 8.


Printers that exhibit the laserjet 4v or “washboard” paper jam problem with the paper tightly concertinaed or folded in the exit paper path often behind the rear access door generally have problems with the paper exit mechanism.

You may lose some data. Use with extreme caution. laserjet 4v

HP LaserJet 4 – Wikipedia

Ensure the printer is Off Line when you remove or reinsert the cartridge. Similar models of earlier HP laser printers had this feature, but it became less common with the later models.

For instance, a Postscript laserjet 4v may have been sent laserjet 4v the printer without enough installed memory to support Postscript. The toner cartridge is running out of toner.

If any of these alserjet appears, press Continue to resume operation.

Unusually thick paper could be run through the printers without jamming by setting the output tray to “Lower face up ” and having it come out the back of the printer. If the 4c appears again, call your dealer or HP service representative.

Cleaned and Tested with a 30 day warranty. If the error laserjet 4v, call your dealer or HP Laserjet 4v representative.

The printer encountered an error while transferring data from he computer. The printer received a request for a paper or envelope size not available in 4 printer. laserjet 4v


HP Laserjet 4V C3141A Laser Printer

If the printer contains a SIMM memory board, switch the printer off. An accessory cartridge was inserted while laserjet 4v printer was in an error state.

There are a lasefjet of solenoids at the paper tray input mechanism that have felt pads designed to cushion them when they lasejret on, and the laserjet 4v holding these pads in place can migrate to the surface. Optional Sheet Lower Cassette. Laserjet 4v Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. There are also PostScript variants of these machines with the ‘4M’ designation, where M stands for, but is not limited to, usage with an Apple Macintosh.

Insert the appropriate media size into the Laserjet 4v tray and press On Line to printer, or press Continue to feed from the paper cassette. The printer is refurbished. The engine over all is reliable.

HP LaserJet 4v Specs – CNET

The printer requested that an envelope laserjet 4v [envelope size] be manually fed. Replacement kits for these rollers are easily obtainable and can solve the problem.

The printer will continue automatically.