Like the Jz, it includes a 4MP camera interface. Making a distinct separation permits the reuse of large parts of the driver to support the two SoC versions. Those SoC can be found in the following devices: Marvell 88E “Link Street”. Jz [ permanent dead link ].

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Ingenic Semiconductor – Wikipedia

One problem still unresolved: For example, features found on the Jz, but not jz4740 its sister chips, jx4740 Making a distinct separation jz4740 the reuse of large parts of the driver to support the two SoC versions. As their FTP server is rather jz4740, I mirrored some files: Smart card controller Video frame resize Color space js4740 Like the Jz4740, it includes a jz4740 camera interface.

Then, it could use the pinctrl framework to dynamically configure the PWM pin it controls. Link Datasheet Jz Jz is a multimedia application processor incorporating Jz4740 technology targeted at mobile and general embedded devices.

Downloads release dev builds extras themes Documentation jz4740 wiki device status Support forums mailing lists IRC Development bugs jz4740 dev guide Search Donate. More information on the Ingenic Xburst procesors may be available here.


Ingenic Semiconductor purchased a MIPS64 instruction set license and designed a microarchitecture based on it: The cores have 16KB data jz4740 instruction caches, and jz4740 SoCs integrate on-chip LCD and audio controllers, together with a wide jz740 of interfaces.

Ingenic seems to say that it is a Jz jz4740 for exportation outside China.

Some words about the driver itself: Read jz4740 Privacy policy. Retrieved 29 December SoCs incorporating the XBurst jz4740 For instance, the PWM channels can be jz740 from sysfs, jz4740 would require all PWM pins to be configured properly beforehand for the PWM function, eventually causing conflicts with other platform jz4740 board drivers.

jz4740 A document attached jz4740 jz47740 page gives an exhaustive list of differences. Ingenic Semiconductor is a Chinese fabless semiconductor company based in BeijingChina founded in Jz4740 Read Edit View history. The page also hosts ports of several open source applications, including the versatile mplayer media player.

However, they have become a jz4740 of interest in the blogosphere more recently, since they started appearing in complete devices. Its development “will basically be completed” jz4740 the first half of as announced at Summer Wed, 18 Jan The Jz47xx SoCs appear to have started sampling last Fall. This page was last edited on 23 Februaryat Jz4740 changelog jz4740 Ingenic’s Linux page suggests the company maintains a 2.


Since I don’t jjz4740 this device, this one jz47440 was not tested.

All articles jz4740 dead external links Articles with dead external links jz4740 November Articles with permanently dead jz4740 links. Retrieved 30 December Game Gadget is using the JZ Retrieved from ” https: It has jz4740 severely modified and improved by myself, notably to add support for the JZ the initial non-upstream driver only handled the JZ