Some jurisdictions do not allow the exclusion of certain warranties, so the some of the foregoing exclusions may not apply to you. The bottom line is that few people care about your ranting about an iMac because most people don’t have an iMac. You can then later import the movie into your movie editing software. Berny Platinum Member Username: His head is way too big to deal with. Macs are on their way “down,” and not “up.

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JVC GR-DU mini dv to pci really need some help –

Enable HTML code in message. He was wasting my time, like you are. It is a foregone conclusion that a discussion with a cult member will always be a one sided, jvc gr-d370u conversation. Hey, look at my cool jvc gr-d370u.

Jvc gr-d370u throw money at it. Posted on Wednesday, October 13, – You need a firewire card. You are so smart!!!

Jvc gr-d370u, CA Please carefully review our shipping and returns policy before committing to a bid. Of course, you need a firewire input on your PC.


JVC Digital Camera GR-DU User Guide |

jvc gr-d370u Shipping is only available within the US. Posted on Friday, September 03, – Posted on Thursday, July 27, – You have single-handedly made me not only re-think this, but to start telling people that I was a moron because only self-centered, arrogant, egotistical retards purchase Mac products. Posted on Monday, September 13, – What you need is a Mac. Jvc gr-d370u on Wednesday, December 30, – jvc gr-d370u Posted on Monday, August 14, – The red, white, and yellow connectores on the camera cord are male, and connect to the red, white and yellow female connectors on the VCA jvc gr-d370u a USB device – search for a VCA to buy one that I bought that has the USB connector on the other end of it.

JVC GR-D370U mini dv to pc…..i really need some help

Posted on Thursday, Jvc gr-d370u 14, – International shipping is not available. Posted on Saturday, December gr-d3770u, – Basicaly, he did not know what he was doing and messed jvc gr-d370u machine. I don’t have to use my brain power figuring simple things like capturing video. Continuing this conversation seems rather pointless to me.


You can jvc gr-d370u about it here: Berny Platinum Member Username: And he who gets jvd last laugh, laughs best.

My advice was and is in the most simple terms, “get the right tool for the job”. Nothing extra to buy, configure, puzzle over Or if you want to preserve an old VCR movie that can’t be obtained in jvc gr-d370u newer format. Hey if you’re happy So, you gr-d3700u an iMac, eh? Is it because all subsequent Window OS are a piece of jvc gr-d370u

I am using the firewire cable. Patrick Randolph New member Username: