When you are satisfied with the preview, click the Scan button from the scanner window to scan the image. Delayed Send During the day you can store up to 50 faxes in the memory to be sent within 24 hours. Specify the number of rings before your machine will attempt to answer the fax. Important — about the interface cable A shielded interface cable should be used to ensure compliance with the limits for a Class B digital device. It is important that when used in a network environment the Network PC Fax is set to enable. Remote Retrieval Access Card Remote Retrieval Access card If you plan to receive fax messages while away from your machine, carrying the Remote Retrieval Access Card printed below will serve as a convenient reminder of the retrieval procedures.

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If you have to pull the paper toward the back imagistics ix2700 the machine, the fuser may get dirty imagistics ix2700 toner powder and it may scatter on the next printouts. Enter Then set an option by pressing when that option appears on imagistjcs LCD. Transmission The process of sending faxes over the phone lines from your machine to the receiving fax machine. How to access the printer driver settings Select Print from the File menu in your application software. Control Panel Overview The vCard used imagistics ix2700 contain a work fax or home fax number.


Use the dial pad to enter the number of copies you want up to Page To change the ox2700 type of imagistics ix2700 attachment click imagisyics Link Preferences button to set up links.

imagistics ix2700 Manuals

Exporting An Image File Choosing A Location Choosing a location Place your machine on a flat, stable surface that is free of vibration and shocks, such as a desk. P means Portrait and L means Landscape. Paper Size From the drop-down box select the Paper Size you are using.

Plug imagistics ix2700 telephone line cord from the wall omagistics into the back of the machine, in the jack imagistics ix2700 LINE. Remove the side cover.

Imagistics ix2700 User Manual

Scan To File Scan to File To configure the Scan to File feature, left click on the Scan to File button and the following screen imagistics ix2700 appear. The originals can be up to letter, A4 or legal size 8.

Accessories Tab Accessories tab The Accessories Tab includes the settings for configuring the printer driver for the size of paper loaded in each paper source.

Sending Faxes Using Multiple Settings, Contrast Basic sending operations Sending faxes using multiple imagistics ix2700 When you send a fax you can choose any combination of these settings: The large LCD shows your current Copy mode settings. Higher resolutions use more memory and transfer time, but produce a finer scanned image.

Table Imagisticz Contents Table of contens Introduction Your ix is imagistics ix2700 to use, with LCD screen instructions to guide you through programming it. Importing To The Address Book Faxing legal size originals from the scanner glass When originals imagistics ix2700 legal size, you need to set the Glass Fax Size to Legal.


Imagistics IX Toner Cartridges

Packing And Shipping The Machine Packing and shipping the imagistics ix2700 Whenever you transport the machine, use the packing materials that came with your machine.

If the copy looks bad, clean the scanner and bottom of sentences are area. Page Export This command saves the current configuration settings to a file. Multi-line connections PBX Most imagistics ix2700 use a central telephone system.

Open the front cover and pull out the drum unit.


For Imagistics ix2700 Os X Users imagistics ix2700 Lets you access the Menu to When using the imaagistics or ring, you program. Select Imagistics ix in the Please select the fax device pull-down list. You have the ability to change the configuration, which includes the destination image format or document application.

Network Pc-fax Software Scanner Utility You must restart your PC for the new settings to take effect.