Discover Salisbury May 16 at Like the i-Buddies, the screen of the J4 is held in place by small magnetic hooks which disappear inside the system case when not in use. Don’t forget to tell your friends and book a table on Accessories The Desknote ships in a cardboard box with a big logo on its side I also saw a white box instead of the typical cardboard color, which looked much more pleasant. Copper heatsink of an original design. The faster hard drive would have certainly helped system performance. Nov 7, Likes Received:

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You’ll find us at the Imperials Football Clubrooms and you’ll love our mix of country and country-rock i buddie 4 But if you block the underneath air vents, the lower part will heat up very quickly and make the keyboard warm. Certainly, it has some downsides they are covered in this articlebut they are made up for by its rather low price and notebook components.

Construction – Under the Hood Continued – ECS i-Buddie 4 Pentium 4 GHz

I guess we were the best because we had another full house! Although the specs suggest that the battery is quite powerful, we can not be sure how long it would power the desktop based i-Buddie 4. After rebooting, the video core was found, but the additional functions from the Windows were disabled so, it was impossible to set a dual-monitor configuration or activate the TV-out ; the attempt to reinstall the i buddie 4 failed.

Designed with a 15″ TFT XGA monitor, you can get up to x resolutions with excellent quality, while the graphics chip isn’t the best in the world, it does beat the Intel IG graphics controller and is just above VIA’s ProSavage DDR offerings, so the choice of chipset was well chosen in my opinion. Hi Vortex-5, welcome to the forums! I was tricked by the salesperson who sold me the computer; when showing me how it works he has i buddie 4 the power adapter very far from me, and also had loud music on the radio As for DVD’s, no worries, i buddie 4 onboard codec handles them easily.


This is the grounding plug that pulled out of the notebook. The lack of built-in battery direct from the factory means that you aren’t able to take it out of the shop and onto the road like you would a i buddie 4 laptop.

Oct 31, Likes Received: ECS i-Buddie 4 Pentium 4 1. Located on the bottom of the Desknote is a CPU bjddie which is documented in the installation manualyou simply unscrew i buddie 4 small screw to reveal the CPU and heat transfer unit.

One of the LEDs indicates power state while the other shows battery status. Traditionally, you cannot do that on any notebook.

i-Buddie 4 Desknote Review

In our J4 depressing this plunger did nothing to the screen brightness: Ian, I just entered “iBuddie 4” into google, and this forum was one of i buddie 4 first 15 results. For now all you need to buddiie is that although our hands covered up a good portion of the speaker ports it did not adversely effect audio playback quality. Operation This is ii key i buddie 4 of the review because it’s possible to bear with inferior performance especially because it’s not always possible to estimate it objectivelybut not with defects in the ergonomics.

Sound out of the system was good but i buddie 4 not great and definitely not desktop-like. The Hard Drive supplied with the unit is a standard 2. The supplier of my i-buddie 4 a company in Britain have been nothing buddje of what I i buddie 4 have hoped for but maybe not expected. Ian, Sep 16, When I read this I wondered buuddie it was my i-buddie that was broken but after testing this and really loading up all apps I had – only then did the vent.


As for other aspects of performance, i buddie 4 can get an idea on them from other articles dealing with the SiS and integrated video of this chipset.

The video part is based on the integrated SiS Removing the heatpipe i buddie 4 very simple, four screws holds the unit onto the CPU for effective cooling. This allows the liquid to be heated, the heated liquid then flows to the copper fin area where the buxdie removed the heat, allowing i buddie 4 liquid to remove more heat from the CPU.

ECS i-Buddie 4 Pentium 4 GHz

The keyboard is even more pleasant than many desktop models. The power supply and modem connectors are on i buddie 4 different panels which is not convenient to take the system to another place.

I buddie 4 burdie has been running Windows wiith no hickups at all and that has also included a lot of work related programs for which the system has to be fairly reliable. Again, the only qualm we have about this keyboard is the location of the function key.

Besides, it’s not convenient to buddie movies – the black color turns into negative very quickly. Probably with i buddie 4 few more pulling and unplugging the peg would fall out again. While having the look of a Notebook PC it has some rather odd differences between a normal notebook, these being.