This type of graphic printing is selected by default. Stock size will be automatically adjusted. Port monitor now reconnectes to printer after lost connection. Postnet barcode fonts can no longer have their width changed. Electonic Article Survailance was always disabled on Rfid printers.

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Electonic Article Survailance was always disabled on Rfid printers. Printer Error was displayed the whole time.

GoDEX – Desktop printers – EZ Series

These are Multi-purpose thermal transfer desktop gkdex printers, godex ez-1300 for product labeling, packaging labeling, printing retail labels and tags, hospital and recreation wrist bands, plus other small, temporary labeling applications. Spooler crash when changing printer port while printing was fixed. On Windows Vista there godex ez-1300 warning sz-1300 if user doesn’t have appropriate permissions to create or write to certain driver files.

Import and export didn’t work if filename and path exceeded the length of 80 characters while windows support character lengths.

Godex Print Head, 300 dpi for EZPi-1300,

When godex ez-1300 Export to SAP from labeling software the line with variable definition should not be present, like it is when doing Export to ggodex. Cutting after specific number of labels now works from all software. Applicator option added to Godex printers. Driver update didn’t preserve settings for all installed printers. Godex’s new printer language GZPL support added.


While installing gofex printer driver on certain systems the spooler crashed. Labels godex ez-1300 from different systems godex ez-1300 retain their driver settings. Please confirm that you have read and agreed to the Privacy Policy.

But user have to set in this case tha maximum length of counter to 3! This is corrected now godex ez-1300 it is sent to the printer just once.

Print godex ez-1300 syntax had additional parameter in case of RFID encoding and using unlock option for “User data” tag godex ez-1300.

Printer Install Wizard can start an application specified in the command line, after it closes.

Godex EZPi, DPI Intermediate Level Barcode Printer

When user starts Printer Install Wizard the application is godex ez-1300 but without focus. Bug fixed, where some changes on stocks updated default umprintable area values.

Fixed occasional driver crash when printing extremely large graphics. Godex ez-1300 can now be moved to any position second monitor and it will stay there. Added Aztec and GS1 Datamatrix barcodes.


Following Godex models added to distribution: Corrected godex ez-1300 settings for following models: PrnInst didn’t not work on folders with long path name. Uninstall of godsx package failed when running a 64bti system.

Now it is implement new type of graphic printing called? In some case of printing big graphics godex ez-1300 on bit OS for example the graphic elements could be missing. Added automatic termination character for Maxicode barcode font data. Help on About dialog opens help page with contents ‘This program cannot display the webpage’. GS1 Datamatrix barcode works from NiceLabel godex ez-1300 greater than 5.

Solved problem with multi-thread printing sometimes the stream is not correct. I have read and agree to the privacy policy.

Stock size will be automatically adjusted. Changed godex ez-1300 handling so that port monitor setup windows can appear on Vista.