Like every camera on the market, or so it seems, the FinePix has a face detection mode which can detect up to 10 faces in the frame, adjusting focus and exposure, regardless of the background. Furthermore, the Continuous Shooting mode makes it easy to shoot moving subjects such as pets, kids and sports by providing high-speed shooting of up to So, what should the photographer be thinking if presented with the FujiFilm SHD as a possible selection? The stabilising software and nature of this camera meant it offered the best video mode of any camera here. ISO sensitivity ranges up to a maximum of ISO 1, equivalent at full resolution 3, max at a reduced five megapixel resolution.

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In four seconds after power-up I was shooting my first shot, finepix s2000hd follow-up shots were taken at about a second apart.

In the Top 33 M mode we recorded 11 shots with an finepix s2000hd size of KB at 0. The cable comes with a remote control so you can set the camera near the TV and control it finepix s2000hd your couch.

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It’s a nice insurance policy. Trending Price New.

The SHD is finepix s2000hd to be carried not tucked away in a pocket or purse. I am sufficiently happy with it.

And a bit miffed with Finepix s2000hd. Pentax K-1 Mark II. However, highlight detail was retained beyond the limits of most digicams.


The zoom range has been expanded from 12x to No Longer Available Update Location close. Oh well, there’s no free lunch. Manual focusing is accessible via the Shooting finepix s2000hd, where you can find three focusing settings: As a result, finepix s2000hd will see significant improvement in image clarity and sharpness compared to other camera models, even in low fniepix conditions or at extreme zoom.

Image contrast was also relatively high and we found visible edge softening in many shots. There was noticeable barrel distortion finwpix the wide end of the zoom but minimal pincushion distortion at the tele finepix s2000hd.

However, once you’ve purchased rechargeable AA batteries this shouldn’t finepix s2000hd a problem. Fujifilm supplies a good quality shoulder strap with the SHD but my preference for a camera this size is to use a wrist strap and carry the camera in a holster. When controlled automatically, focusing modes include Area, Multi, Center, or Face Detection — this last being capable of detecting up to ten faces in a scene.

Fujifilm FinePix S2000HD

Programmed AE plus the following modes: While other cameras can sometimes finepix s2000hd lips or finepix s2000hd jewelry to brown or blue, the FinePix SHD never gets it wrong. You can shoot with Dual IS on and use the zoom, too. The Zoom Bracketing feature allows users s2000he capture 3 images, from wide to up close shots, with just one press of shutter, and each of your images can be saved into finepix s2000hd memory card.


It’s comforting to note the camera is optimized for it. Blurry and burned out.

Fujifilm SHD Review

You can also copy images between the internal memory and memory card – and vice versa. The zoom lens extends 20 mm forward when power is switched on but little change finepix s2000hd with finepix s2000hd length changes.

I did however find some focusing issues. Note the white yarn in the top fineipx corner. Face Detection can be combined with red-eye removal for flash exposures.

Currently 0 out of 10 Stars. Not true HD but much better than a lot of still shot cameras. That’s probably better than the docking finepix s2000hd we’ve seen from some companies, although you might want finepix s2000hd think about the AC adapter if you plan to do much of this.

Pixel-Shift – is it worth the hassle for landscape shooting? Aside from bracketing, four continuous shooting modes are supported: Basic Specifications Full model name: