Then go into the Fast Track Pro driver control panel and check what the maximum sample rate shown there as available is. Adobe Audition and FL Studio. Log in or Sign up. I had already started thinking about buying another interface. Subscribe to our Newsletter. Make sure you are doing things propely. Then create a new pro Tools session at a valid sample rate, matching bit depth etc..

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Send a private message to Darryl Ramm. I hate to see your thread die out without an answer. Hi Steve, Sorry you are having trouble with that. But now fast track pro asio increased all the time Please click here to read it.

Though I understand that it may be fast track pro asio to have it in the middle or all the way to the left when recording to have less latency.

Do you have any ideas? I managed to record, but when I play it back there’s no sound.

On the other hand, I still have work to do as I can’t deal with this little latency when recording sequenced synthesizers. Trsck did do that and I can hear sound from the FTP, but only high pitched static, not the bass. Create a username and password below and fast track pro asio account will be created and your post entered. Community-powered support for M-Audio.


Problem with Sound Asio4all/M-Audio FastTrack Pro

Ok, so I set Virtual Trzck Fast track pro asio to use Hardware Buffer instead, and the M-Audio’s buffer size can now be fast track pro asio to without buffer stops, unless I’m running other programs, then I have to up it a little bit.

Log in or Sign up. I’m just using Cubase Elements 6. To also be paranoid, uninstall the Avid driver, reboot and reinstall the Avid driver again with interface disconnected. Overview Topics Products People Change log. I’m considering buying another interface. You’ll have to monitor through the FTP or change the driver to use your laptop’s sound card this is where Asio4All works. As the program is some years old and was probably not optimized for multi-core.

Sorry no exp with fast track pro.

Turning it one way gives you the direct monitor signal. Question – do you fast track pro asio the Fast Track Pro driver 6. That should let you mix the playback with the darabuka’s microphone.


I use all 4 paws O It’s weird because I never had such a problem before.

Setting up ASI04ALL with an audio interface (Windows)

I use my interface for recording vocals. I’ve installed PT Fast track pro asio FastTrack Pro latency problem. Hey guys, I lowered the buffer size, raised the buffer size, nothing works and it’s killing me.

I have a problem and do not come further. Any idea how I can get that setting back?

No ASIO with Fast Track Pro

Nothing else is in Windows is trying to use it. Let me ask you a new fast track pro asio as how to lower my latency even more.

That’s why i thought of the control panel. I can no longer see the Fast Track Pro under Inputs.