Titliest D2 Driver Review Take this for what it is, one guy’s opinion, but Titleist has been lost in the driver doldrums the last several years. No offense to you. Didn’t want it in anyone else’s hands. There are some serious red flags with that site though and things I’d look for in the future. The process is slow. Detailed data for each and every shot for which we collected data is now viewable in the interactive portion of this review.

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Looks fake to me, I’d avoid.

I am not an expert on this but I was in the process of buying some clubs and emailed titliest. AJ Cheers Andy Edwards. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk I’ve also shopped with this guy.

The insert wasn’t an insert at all, just a white line, and the milling was phony. Enter the Titleist Series: If there’s been a knock on Titleist drivers over the years it’s that they were designed for better players.

Owner ttleist golf clubs, dusty golf clubs They are a very large chain of golf stores. Fake titleist 910 d2, we don’t expect we’ll see many scores higher this season.


They are on amazon. I am not saying, that these sell replicas too, but the construction of the pages, FAQ-sections, prices etc. I would second this. Everything is fine with the head but my question is with the shaft.


There’s a special on counterfeit clubs Monday night on the golf channel. Not sure if they are real or fake.

I am now fake titleist 910 d2 Golfsmith, but previously was a Hardlines Manager with DSG, and we had some very knowledgable and top shelf associates in both stores I worked at.

They definitely have the same tip, which would be my only concern. There would only be a serial number on a custom set of clubs, not on a stock set. I have been through 6 drivers. Titldist is definitely been a learning experience. Was scorching a powerful, tltleist draw exactly where I aimed 3 times out of 4. Hurricane golf is totally legit. Just the basic basics, not a primer for spotting fakes, which gets complicated. Also, the face logo looks different to me though it’s a bit hard to tell due to the plastic.

Again, fake titleist 910 d2 closely at it I see nothing that stands out. He is still selling grips at the same fake titleist 910 d2 I bought mine. Should I be nervous? We imported golf clubs from Japan and we think they are high quality.


Titleist D2 Driver – Review!

I emailed one of the vendors and they told me they were a wholesaler and that’s how they can sell them for less. Plus that fake titleist 910 d2 will give me plenty of run. Based on that alone, I think what Titleist is doing fke multiple shaft offerings is absolutely fantastic. As tester Mark put it, “slight mis-hits were still in play.

It’s a reputable local golf shop where I am from in Evansville,IN. As usual excellent customer service from Titleist. I have since found the same grip over-sized titleish another ebayer, for less money and free shipping.