All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. Assuming you have Vista 32 now, doing an upgrade to Win 7 bit Home Premium is a snap. This driver is compatible with both Vista and Win 7. In your case, you can upgrade to Windows 7 depending on edition and architecture of Windows Vista you have installed. My only disappointment at this point is that Dell is not publishing the “recommended” drivers for windows 7 for the XPS M, and if a person who is not related to informatic systems tries to update to windows 7, it could be hard. Help with troubleshooting Windows Operating System.

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Before installing, go to the Nvidia site and download the latest video driver for the M. Have on hand the Dell guide of the driver installation order there is one link at the driver page, where Dell recommends what to install first when you are installing the drivers. So, there you go, I hope this was useful.

From experience, I’ve found that: All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic. I have no doubt that there are users of the M who have experience with Windows 7 installation. Windows 7 Reinstallation but Windows 8 Disk Provided.


If you’d bother to read replies properly, you’d have noticed – that question has already been answered:. Sudden freezes when other laptops are connected to the same router or wifi router. The purpose is to create one C: Dell xps m1530 windows 7 32 bit think dell solved the problem with some XPS service tag supports!

In the System section, you can see what type of operating system you’re currently running under System type.

Thanks for the suggestion tho! Under bit capableyou can see whether you can run a bit version of Windows. Tell us about your experience with our site.

XPS M – Windows 7 and 64 Bit – The Unofficial Windows 10 Reinstallation Guide

The other five were things I didn’t really use. The only problem I’m having is with the bluetooth Truemobile card. Latitude – installation of 2nd SSD. It is no longer rocket science. Win 7 contains several million not exaggerating!

Why when i insert my service tag it shows invalid informaton about my device with no support!???? For this reason you usually don’t want to skip more than 2 updates at a time.

XPS M1530 Windows 7 32-bit drivers

First of all, I will mention some recommendations: The general specs are not the problem. You generally do not need to update the BIOS, unless there is a specific issue effecting you.


This applies to any firmware, but BIOS is the most sensitive to botched updates. Strange, never ran into that in 10 years of flashing firmware or bios’s. Latitude – installation of 2nd SDD.

Can my Dell XPS M running Windows Vista upgraded to Windows 7? – Microsoft Community

Hard dive not installed. You are making the update process way to complex. Problems found and solved: How i have to register my device with dell? Right now I have not experienced one single problem, and all nightmares I had with vista are gone, it is sad that vista did not worked as most of us expected and that windows blt is from my opinion a “corrected” version of windows vista. To run a bit version of Windowsyour computer must have a bit-capable processor. Dwll asked on June 1, You must do logical upgrades: Now you should have a full updated version of you dell xps m1530 windows 7 32 bit 7 bit, with all drivers up-to-date and.