If you go into the system settings and then scrolling you can adjust the speed and acceleration which may help. Just don’t install the driver and deactivate in device manager and everything is fine. And no — I did not change fingers during the test runs ;-. The fingerprint reader is a very handing addition. One of the first things I did with my XPS m was disable the fingerprint reader.

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In this day and age you just never know anymore I’m beginning to consider this option since every one else’s suggestions don’t work, but would it be safe? I seriously doubt Dell would ship your laptop with a hole in it.

XPS M Bluetooth and Biometric reader driver for Windows 7 – Dell Community

The error i receive is ‘rnpipe: If you order your system without the fingerprint reader, I’m assuming you won’t have any kind of empty space where the reader would have normally been? Message Edited by Marko Koskenoja on I agree with RYCK It keeps reporting “bad quality” during the “Fingerprint Tutorial’s Scanning Practice”.

Try to remove the last updates too. I don’t know if you tried that yet but worth dell xps m1530 fingerprint reader shot for you. If you boot from the hard drive on a machine with no fingerprint reader does it block you from loading the operating system?


It did take quite a few tries to get it setup, but once set up it’s been fine. I can type in a password in under a second. Try to do that after you removed the updates dell xps m1530 fingerprint reader see if it works. I also changed my settings in the reader to a higher level of security. XPS 15 tab and caps vibrating. Device Manager says its working properly as well.

This is the solution for now. I could recall that the reader worked the same day I recieved the laptop, but never again. I’m following the guide and am swiping the finger from the bend closest to the fingertip.

Both had this problem. Battery for XPS Please rate my answer, i so someone from dell eventually looks at the problem. I am disappointed with the long lead times for delivery of my most recent purchase and the fact the biometric scan doesn’t work. Thanks Ryck72 – I’ve tried sliding it over dell xps m1530 fingerprint reader scanner without touching the glass, but it did not show me fingeprrint result in this case.


If you do have a BIOS password there is always the option to take the hard drive out and view the files using another dell xps m1530 fingerprint reader. My XPS M has the fingerprint reader, which I have used through the Upek Protector Suite to encrypt various files residing on my server, which I can access through Explorer over my finerprint network.

XPS M Fingerprint Reader – Dell Community

My fingerprint reader started to play up about 6 months ago, and it never bothered me until tax time, and those encrypted files were needed. That was the only deviation from my order. So, any ideas anyone?

Now I just touch my finger to my tounge and then do a swipe Message Edited by Nicholas. I uninstalled and disabled all software related to it.

Battery for XPS It is a lot faster