I still like my Zen, though. If you insist on buying the Zen Micro, here are my suggestions. Until one day it slipped from where I had it and it died on me. That took much longer then normally and then i get ‘Firmware Problem’. M Portable Media Player”. This is a very nice player, but ofcourse most of the users have a similar freezing issue at creative logo due to the micro hard disk.

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I emailed Creative Support, explaining the problem and I asked if they had a batch of defective jacks in a production run, but they creative micro zen not acknowledge any creativ.

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The lack of an “all tracks” list, for instance, forces you to choose album by album when you select an artist. DON’T use the belt clip.

I’ve researched both the ipod mini and the zen creative micro zen for a while, and was a bit on the fence about which to get. I baught one somewhat because of your review, somewhat because it was recommended by a freind. I would really, really like to know how many meters away you tested to since I am looking at micrk use. So if you’re a tech micr and an anti-iPod, then go ahead and by this thing.

creative micro zen See below creative micro zen some options creative micro zen spares including mains supplies and spare batteries. You can set the speed and sensitivity of the touchpad, so anyone can configure it according to his or her needs.


The Zen Micro Photo is a sweet mp3 player. You can easily convert any music already in iTunes to MP3 by selecting the song s you want to convert, right-clicking, and selecting Convert to MP3 from the menu.

The first 40, Zen Micros to hit the shores in the UK should ship with a second battery as a special Christmas gift from Creative to anyone that buys a Zen Micro.

Damned heaphone socket problem again!! No real downsides to report — With the possible exception of the battery life. Some day when the fix the headphone jack, maybe, creative micro zen for now, don’t bother Wait to see if this works. Views Read Edit View history.

Loading with songs was so easy and the sound quality is really good. Is theer a software update for this? You can also creative micro zen the headphones without any difference in quality of fm radio and mp3, i’ve just tried it. The Creative Zen Creative micro zen is still the value leader among small hard drive players, and in terms of sound quality, it is also a performance leader.

How about warranty if you buy the Micro in the US? Please submit the following required information to us in a reply to this message so the RMA can be crfative Once listening in the car I tried to skip a few songs and it froze.

Creative Zen

It’s a portable device; it’s gonna get dropped! The farther you stray from the center of the pad, the faster you scroll. I’m not saying this will fix everyones problems, but it worked for me. It also supports creative micro zen media streaming from a home network, similar to a Windows Media Center Extender. midro


Then, the problems starts to rise. But the product is VERY fragile.

Technical Specification

I do not jog with this device; it is not designed for joggers. When you click on a Sponsored Product ad, you will be taken to an Amazon detail page where you can learn more about the product and purchase it. ZEN creative micro zen to the series of portable media player designed and manufactured by Creative Technology Limitedthe names of which start with the word ZEN, e.

This is the built-in micro which can be used to record conversations. More troubling, just today I have ceeative an quiet static on one of my earbuds that I creative micro zen never heard before that seems to constantly happen and can’t be stopped creative micro zen matter what I do.

I shook most the water out I don’t know where the holes are though and the rest kinda seeped out by itself.