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It is required that you write at least a short first impressions, review, or other thoughts in the comments of link posts. I heard a clip of it on a CD demoing various Boss pedals and thought it sounded stellar, so I was elated to track down “the rarest” Boss pedal about three months boss pw 2 power.

All user reviews for the Boss PW-2 Power Driver

This product is no longer manufactured. I would recommend checking on the Boss PW-2 on your own, but don’t hold your expectations too high.

I am certianly not anti Boss either. Originally Posted by Muad’zin. Submit a new link.

Boss PW-2 Power Driver….wrong way to use it, great results!!

The place for all things related to guitar pedals. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. Subscribe to our free newsletter Subscribe. Search in titles only Search in Effects and Processors only Search. I never even tried the XT-2 because of how scared i was after the Power driver Terrible, terrible sounds! Log in Become a member. Feb 27, 2. LOVE this little orange nasty box of tone! Hmmm, I’ll have to find mine For a picture of a single pedal please add boss pw 2 power name of the pedal to the title so people can voss for it later!


Most boss pw 2 power them not to good and I can see why Edge finds effects, often they do one thing he likes, and other than that My trusty PW-2 Powerdriver.

Boss PW-2 Power Driver « BossArea

No PW-2s out there? And I think it boss pw 2 power 1 of the cooler looking pedals Boss has ever made. Be kind to others. In case you are curious, I recently did a post about the new setup I am currently working on, which shows the PW-2 and how it fits in.

I just wanted to see if any other guys on here love this little orange beast of goodness? So many years ago at band practice I needed a few extra chords. Originally posted by tastyriffs Hahahhahahahe! Unless they used that big screen also in WhoJamFanFeb 27, I got suckered into thinking it would be this undiscovered gem. Frosted GlassBoss pw 2 power 28, Everyone is expected to read the posting rules below before posting.


It took me a little while to realize that “fat” meant bass and “muscle” meant middle as far as the controls went I didn’t have a manual for it but I usually just set them at about noon and went from there.

If you mess with it with enough gain you can get some pseudo-muff tones but with more low midrange and less high end boss pw 2 power.

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