Rated 4 out of 5 by Bryan K. With twice the active area of other Bamboo tablets, Bamboo Create gives you plenty of space to express yourself with broader brush strokes or arm movements. Within an hour, I was putting out better quality work than ever before. The feel of this tablet is slightly different than my previous one, so I have to get used to that difference. I usually have my pressure set slightly more to the sensitive side, to avoid having to crush my pen tip to the tablet since I use a lot of constant brush-stroking motions.

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Submit a new link. If you make a standalone post for this, it will be removed. I also use it for designing logos and doing vector art that require curvy shapes or lines for my graphic design projects. Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time.

Details for the software and settings can be found in the manual, I found it here: Use the Official Purchase Advice Thread for help figuring out what tablet to buy. The wire’s shortness is a pain.

Plus did I mention the awesome freebies? Rated 5 out of 5 by Ade from All I expected. Adobe Photoshop Elements is a photo-editing program for retouching and having fun with photos.


The feel of this tablet is slightly different than my previous one, so I have to get used to that difference. Especially if someone shares their artwork.

Product support

It comes with a bunch of tutorials, and they’re well indexed so I could skip the lessons I wasn’t interested in. Not sure how to describe, but maybe like drawing with pencil on rough paper when my old one was more like a felt pen on very smooth paper.

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This tablet is perfect for art projects that require a larger digital canvas. Knowing that I can complete projects faster gives me more confidence to take on more projects, which means more profit! I am truly happy with my purchase. This tablet opens up a new world for digital art and photo projects. Cth670 worry that the paint will wear off. Log in or sign up in seconds.

This is the right tool for the job. The only problem with the design is the abrassive texture it has. Messed around and reset my Reddit password just so I could login and hopefully get something to deal with it. Interviews Interview with Ina Wong.


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Bamboo CTH software re-install? : wacom

As a semi-pro photographer I use Photoshop and Lightroom alone with various plug-ins and other photo apps.

Apparently Wacom thought it was a good idea to add it in order to give the users a realistic pen and paper feel, it turns out that the surface can quickly eat away the pen nib. I can’t believe I ever tried to do precision work with a mouse. With that being said I really appreciate the simplicity of this tablet, and from the start I have never felt overwhelmed.

I’ll get the most negative thing out cth-60 the way first. Included Software Bundle This tablet comes with three valuable software applications designed to expand your creativity and increase your productivity. So far it is working as expected.