We pay attention to all feedback by monitoring how much tip you left and if you use our service again. Luckily, this tool can help you outsmart the marketplace. I called the driver from our room just before we were leaving. Other tip a faxed amount, or a percentage. Save Money on Limo Rentals Save money on limo rentals by following our money saving tips. If a chauffeur has gone above and beyond the call of duty, an especially generous tip is always an appropriate way to show your appreciation.

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Depending on where you are in the world, some cultures not only frown on tipping, they consider it an insult. There is a dirty secret practice among limo companies to hijack or pirate the gratuity before it reaches the drivers hands. You need to remember that the driver is responsible for cleaning average tip for limo car, taking out any trash left behind and generally ensuring that it looks like new. For example, a bride may contract with a limousine service for wedding transportation.

DaveNJ 15, forum posts. Make sure that your driver is courteous, appropriately dressed, on time, has directions and gets you to the location safely.

Do nothing and simply sign your name. You are free to tip any amount you want.

How Much to Tip a Limo Driver

What is your review of Toronto Average tip for limo Services? How much do you tip a limo driver? Driver dropped us off average tip for limo different gates at the airport. Save Money on Limo Rentals Save money on limo rentals by following our averahe saving tips. Whenever in doubt, run the numbers yourself with a decent tip calculator like WorldMateon your iphone. However, in a few restaurants, average tip for limo server tips the sommelier based on individual wine sales, so check with your server first.


I called the driver from our room just before we were leaving. When it comes to bus companies, limo, and town car companies, there is a universal way they figure their price. Airport Limo Service Basics. Taxis-how much does it cost for a taxi from the airport to the Strip? The truth is that tipping is part of a travel budget.

How Much Do You Tip a Limousine Driver? – Limo Information Articles – Local Service Request

Those who work on a fixed rate basis are paid a set amount for the duration of the job, with pimo jobs paying more than shorter jobs. When tipping your maid, leave the tip face up on your pillow or in an average tip for limo place, with a note that says thank you-it gives your gratitude that extra touch.

Just as with other services, a tip should be given based on the discretion of the customer. Limousine drivers are service providers.


As you would with any other worker in the service industry, you can base the amount of your tip on average tip for limo level of service. And would you tip on fees? The 6 other times we have used Presidential Limo.

How to Tip a Limo Driver at Prom | Synonym

The tip can be calculated as a percentage of your total bill as follows: But what if the opposite has happened? Whatever your reason for renting a limo, make sure you read the fine print to average tip for limo the embarrassment of double-tipping or not tipping at all. Where is the best burger? So is it O.

Get your restaurant equipment fast. The longer explanation is that you will average tip for limo go wrong if you simply use your discretion.

Still have a question? Limo drivers work hard for their money and should be provided with a tip for the service provided. See All Las Vegas Conversations.

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