Any suggestions to fix this? Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. So does it really make sense to hunt after higher quality in hardly noticeable nuances? Del WFP – Memory: Yes, it was you. So if a game supports a non X-Fi card, you should take it as a bonus, something like compatibility with games that offer cut-down features and poor quality.

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You can’t have the RCA audiotrak prodigy hd2 and the headphone connection active at the same time. Headphone Aufiotrak and Discussion – Head-Fi. DirectWire the audiotrak prodigy hd2 name of Digital Wiring allows to re-route the audio stream between the interfaces. They were persistently making all-purpose cards for games and home theaters with budget components.

ESI – Product Archive: Prodigy HD2

These audiotrak prodigy hd2 are most likely caused by non-optimal layout of the ground. Its an excellent sounding source as is, theres quite a bit of potential. On the other hand, the relay resulted in higher channel crosstalk.

However, another option to consider is the Xonar Essence ST.


AUDIOTRAK Prodigy Hd2 Advance De Sound Card

These cards may appear on our market as well. May 9, at 9: Remove Advertisements Sponsored Links. So I repeat that audiotrak prodigy hd2 registered a little lag in details, attack, and stereo panorama. Otherwise, you’ll see an error message.

Audiotrak Prodigy HD2 Sound Card

When hardware acceleration is disabled, audiottrak cards produce all the sounds. In the direct comparison with E-MU Mwe used headphone-outs and line-outs audiotrak prodigy hd2 Prodigy is slightly outperformed by its opponent. It has to do with low Loop values because of the ADC.

The headphone out on my old Pioneer amp is much better. Sound processing will be mediocre.

I’m interested in upgrading opamps, espeacially if they can directly power the headphone out. Currency conversions updated daily by coinmill.

These drivers look little different from Prodigy7. I’d say that the Prodigy card is a worthwhile audiotrak prodigy hd2 up from most onboard sound. There exist cards with good electronics, but they are expensive professional products with specific issues.

Compared to the stock version, the supercharged prodivy projects a audiotrak prodigy hd2 wider soundstage. I wanna just bump this thread, but I might as well audiotrak prodigy hd2 my thoughts even though I don’t have the card yet and I don’t have Vista anyway.


At this point they are within striking distance of true “CD quality”. Yes, my password is: However because I was only able to order the basic version with mediocre opamps, I searched for better, available and simple no soldering opamp configurations. However, this information is relevant for enthusiasts.

Isn’t the headphone out as good as the opamps installed? May 3, at 9: And thanks for the audiotrak prodigy hd2 for cap replacement. May 8, at Delivery time is about one month. Del WFP – Memory: I have owned a prodigy HD2 card for almost a year. Post 3 of