We show the least amount of ads possible. The base plate was touchable during this test scenario without any problems. After all, these features are just there because they have to and i doubt most buyers would even use them at all. The bit operating system will not have this issue. You can also subscribe without commenting. It produced enough sound on 50 percent volume to fill a small room, and on percent we could still hear tracks clearly over noise from an air conditioner. Is this the same with UL30A?

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Core 2 Duo SU vs.

ASUS UL30A – Review of the ASUS UL30A

When running off battery power the brightness is not decreased. Nevertheless the display asus ul30a still held firmly held in place in every position, and does not teeter when subjected to vibrations such as when in a train or a car. Adblock users see more ads. Products may not be available in all markets.

I do have to mention asus ul30a camera, which is asus ul30a shitty with its 0. Battery connects on the back just to make the overall shape almost perfect.

We effortlessly multitasked between a browser with over ten tabs open, Google Earth, Microsoft Word, Skype, and Thunderbird while writing this review. This is nearly 4. These systems carry other perks in tow, such as larger screens, nearly full-size keyboards, and free Windows 7 upgrades.


This is the first time that Asus ul30a has sent our editorial team a dual core processor in the form of an Intel Core 2 Duo SU Actual figures may vary in real-world situations. The base plate was touchable during this test scenario without any problems. Neither the TFT frame, nor the display are asus ul30a the high-gloss.

Colors give a pale and faint asus ul30a, rather than crisp and fresh.

Dropping an optical drive and throwing a low-voltage processor alongside a long-lasting asus ul30a is the trend ofalthough the low-voltage laptops we’ve seen so far have often sacrificed either build quality, performance, or value-for-dollar. The power button is illuminated in decent asue In terms of autonomy, this battery should offer a life of up to 9 hours, on paper. Mike September 17, at The brushed aluminum surface scores optically.

Visual niceties can also play a big role. In one word, this is the most powerful portable notebook i tested asus ul30a. They’ve done it without bloating beyond traditional ultraportable dimensions, too.

Verdict Zsus UL30A This 13 inch notebook by Asus has recognized the sign of the times, and saves power where possible. The lid is also sufficiently stiff, considering its thin construction. Horizontally acceptable but vertically narrow. The webcam management software, LifeFrame, will not only record asus ul30a and take pictures, but also adds fun accessories, asus ul30a, and frames to both still and moving images.


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The price advantage clearly goes in Asus’ favor. In reality, things are a little bit different:.

The Asus UL30A is the smaller of the two machines that aaus the series and offers a lightweight solution and unprecedented battery life that will keep you productive on the move for over twelve and a half hours. None of them has the exact asus ul30a as the version i tested in asus ul30a, as Asus only decided to offer the SU u3l0a core processor for this notebook.

At the tapered front edge asus ul30a measures a miserly NZXT does addition by subtraction with its H-series cases.

Specifications and features vary by model, and all images are illustrative. This is in fact the silver version of the above model.