This lets you get faster access to the Web, Skype, and IM, as well as to music and photos on the laptop without waiting for Windows to boot–although we find that consumers rarely use these pre-Windows environments. HP Spectre x 13 late Overall I think the looks are great, but I wish they went a bit further with the high price tag of this model. Cooling fan noise was also minimal, staying off most of the time, and when on it was very quiet. For a small dorm room or office the screen is large enough to properly sit back and watch a movie with a few friends.

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ASUS is a maker of computers that wasn’t that well known within the U.

Moderate pressure was required to activate the button, having shallow feedback and giving off a muted click when pressed. Screen and Speakers Asus n90sv Read our asus n90sv review to find out.

The performance of the T should be sufficient for most applications and games of At the wheel’s center is a mute button, too. Bioshock varied more at P resolution, going between FPs depending on asus n90sv amount of action on the screen.

ASUS N90Sv-A2 Multimedia Notebook

Viewing angles are average, with about 15 to 20 degrees of vertical viewing range before colors start to distort. At least there’s a jog wheel for controlling volume in a panel of controls to the left of the keyboard.

The sensitivity was set a little high, and it was easy to lurch the pointer across the screen by touching your palm to n90sg side of the touchpad by accident. Feature selection is good, with the onboard Blu-ray player with asus n90sv model, but the missing eSATA is a downside. In its third incarnation, faster processors and a much better keyboard finally make asus n90sv Lowering the resolution down to P, speed increased toFPS.


Apple and Samsung fight over what made the iPhone ‘revolutionary’. Asua speakers are located below the display, underneath a thin plastic grill. One side benefit of having no touch-sensitive asus n90sv keys is asus n90sv swiping over the glossy plastic around the keyboard, which can sometimes create fine scratches over time.

Asus N90Sv Specs – CNET

The keyboard is comfortable asus n90sv type on once you get used to the keys, which are shaped different from more common keyboards. Games and movies look incredible on it and it gets plenty bright for comfortable use regardless of what’s onscreen.

The rig isn’t something you would want to tote around asus n90sv all day, but it just might make asus n90sv the envy of the dorm or neighborhood when it comes time to watch movies. I was hoping for touch sensitive assus keys on a notebook at this price range, but these worked very well, and asus n90sv physical volume control was a nice perk.

asus n90sv Testing both P and P movies files the notebook played the video without any framerate problems, and outputted clear digital audio in-sync out through HDMI. The Good Attractive design; Blu-ray combo drive; nice, large keyboard; great sound quality.

ASUS N90SV-A2 Review

Lastly, a Webcam and mic asus n90sv built into the frame above the display. Cooling fan asus n90sv was also minimal, staying off most of the asus n90sv, and when on it was very quiet.


This is a very large display size for laptops on a desk without mobile use. It’s a good-looking laptop, too. Quality journalism is paid by advertising. It could be that the 5,rpm hard drive isholding it back, so if speed does matter to you, you may want to sacrifice the Blu-ray combo drive and get the Asus N90Sv X1 with its 7,rpm hard drive instead.

The differences between the models are in the storage aus and optical drives.

ASUS N90SV-A2 Review |

Otherwise, asis systems are the same. Ports and Features Port selection on the N90SV is average compared to other notebooks we have reviewed, but it feels underutilized with the amount of open space around the sides of the notebook. Apple MacBook inch, Once you get past the shape of the keys the typing surface feels great, with very good support under strong typing. Also in this panel nn90sv buttons for turning on and off the touch pad, changing power modes high performance, battery saving, entertainment, and presentationasus n90sv color and contrast schemes for the LCD, asus n90sv starting up a secondary Linux-based OS called Asus Asus n90sv Gate.

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Build quality feels very good with solid feeling plastic and few creaks or squeaks.