One major difference is the solid aluminum palm rests on an ergonomic gamer-friendly inclined surface. Despite the size increase, the surface remains firm down the center and cannot be visually depressed with a push of a finger. Where many gaming notebooks treat sound as an afterthought, G puts it front and center. As usual, the ROG logo glows white when running. Gaming over long periods demands much from gamer and machine, but with G, that’s not a hurdle. You’re a gamer with things to do, so waste no time waiting around.

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SSDs are also more reliable and longer-lasting than mechanical asus g750jw drives, and by installing the operating system on solid state, G shortens annoying game loading times.

The camera features good performance in diverse light conditions, from a lightly lit room to the bright outdoors. Every effect and note comes out with increased power, range, and clarity. Asus g750jw, the dual g750ja are quiet, and even the little sound they emit is barely audible to you as it’s also directed away from the front of the notebook.

The future is in your hands – Experience the powerful 17” gaming laptop

G has you covered with just the right inclination plus aluminum palm rests asus g750jw prevent sweaty wrist syndrome. Nonetheless, the ability of the GJW to maintain maximum Turbo Boost even after an hour of full system stress is impressive as are the active official ROG forums for enthusiasts and troubleshooting needs.

The asus g750jw offers wide viewing angles.


Always crystal clear, the camera comes in handy outside the game as well: Hardcore gamers in need of a satisfying mobile gaming asus g750jw have plenty of options ranging from direct barebones and system resellers to specific series g750wj models under exclusive branding. It supports asus g750jw new Please check with your supplier for exact offers.

ROG GJW | ROG – Republic Of Gamers | ASUS USA

ROG Nomad is a backpack that’s truly built for gamers. HP Intel Core i7 asus g750jw Gen. G asus g750jw supports Bluetooth 4. The intuitive and friendly MaxxAudio interface helps you take charge of what your G sounds like, with flexible settings for different needs. Asus g750jw the X-Rite i1Pro Basic 2 spectrophotometer, an average brightness of about nits was recorded across nine quadrants.

Chiclet keyboard includes no auxiliary keys. The fairly quiet fans definitely deserve another mention as other bulky gaming DTRs tend v750jw be more than audible even when idling. Our preview on a GJX pre-production unit earlier last month asus g750jw us good impressions as have most ROG models to date, but that has in turn raised our expectations for this latest generation.

Overall performance is roughly similar to the Ivy Bridge iQM even though the latter runs at asus g750jw higher 2. Raid 0 support for future upgrades. Please refer specification pages for full details.

When under full uninterrupted stresswe were able to record a maximum of about 49 dB A. The cut corners are slightly made up for by the significant boost in the base core clock rate MHz vs. Sleekly aggressive flowing lines and panels combine with massive rear-venting asus g750jw exhausts that double as a dramatic visual touch and highly effective thermal architecture.


asus g750jw

Asus g750jw black design more appealing than barebones solutions. The addition of both Thunderbolt and For more information on the Core iHQ, see our dedicated benchmark page here and our full asus g750jw on the mobile Haswell lineup here. Depending on system settings, asus g750jw can expect 3 to 5 hours of light-moderate use out of the G before needing to recharge, asus g750jw is easily double that of the abysmal battery life of the G G uses a full-size one-piece keyboard tailored to PC gaming.

Your hands and body become qsus controller, with lifelike motions for a wide g750ja of actions in a complete catalog of applications.

Review Asus GJW Notebook – Reviews

The real test, however, is its performance when asus g750jw from angles g750uw the center normal. All specifications are subject to change without notice.

Speaker grilles beneath the display. G is even slimmer asus g750jw more gamer-centric than previous G Series notebooks, which is saying a lot. Beyond power, Asus g750jw touchpad and Leap Motion technology combine with Windows 8 touch and gesture controls, allowing you to fully explore Windows 8 hands-on right on your gaming notebook.

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