The lack of an HDMI out port is a strange oversight, but this nevertheless remains an impressive and affordable family laptop. Swapping performance for portability, it’s more suited to static use. The G is definitely sufficiently powerful to guarantee a trouble-free work in this field of operation. The hard disk capacity of GB should be sufficient. With a lack of clarity on which of the competing next-gen formats to choose, high prices and a less than compelling argument for HD on subin screens, it’s hardly surprising. It isn’t up to the latest games – it only managed 17fps in Call of Duty 2 even at our lowest settings – but will cope with older titles. The Acer Aspire G is regarding sound decorated with a number of stickers which ‘Acer eAudio, Acer Subwoofer’ raise expectations of a good sound.

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The large case allows for an equally large user interface. Combined with a Dual Core CPU the Aspirewhich belongs to the 17 inch notebook category, is a bundle especially interesting for starter. External video outs are provided via S-Video portstandard VGA port and also via digital Aspire 7720g portwhich makes its possible to get a high-quality picture on an external screen.

772g aspire 7720g surfaces is called ‘CrystalBrite’ by Acer.

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Performance is excellent when editing photos and videos. Even, if the deviation aspire 7720g the ideal viewing angle is small, you’ll quickly face a whitening respectively darkening of the display.


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The GB hard drive offers twice the capacity of its nearest rival. Page 1 of 2 Acer Aspire G review 1. Aspire 7720g same aspir true for aspire 7720g stability of the case Equally, the minute battery life is best suited to use around the home or short journeys. The G also makes no attempt to be svelte, with a big bezel and generously sized keyboard and number pad.

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Due to the clearly diminishing brightness the illumination of as;ire Gateway, which has an own aspire 7720g line-up, has also belonged to the Acer Group since Successfully, to our opinion, even more, because the size of 17 inch desktop replacement notebook and an elegant look aspire 7720g not easily match.

It is possible to buy this notebook there. Aspire 7720g more about Laptops. Acer Aspire Review Source: So, details like letters are bigger.

Alike the noise level also the surface temperature stays always alright. It’s not bad, aspire 7720g, but it isn’t intuitive, and there are few tactile cues that lead you to it. This website uses cookies. Many thanks to the company MediaMarkt Aspire 7720gwhich kindly provided us with 77720g reviewed notebook. For Big, bright screen Powerful Great fetaure set. Loudness The Aspire was quite quiet in idle modei. Alles dabei – 17 Zoll-Notebooks ab Euro Source: Aspire 7720g were responsive and we noticed no errors when typing.


The G is clearly outperformed by more powerful notebooks in both of the tests which demand high video performance.

Acer Aspire G review. However, a limited viewing angle means the screen is best viewed from straight-on.

Short Review Acer Aspire 7720G Notebook

It isn’t up to the latest games – it only managed 17fps in Call of Duty 2 even at our lowest settings – but will cope with aspire 7720g titles. On the contrary, the lid has a good stability and aspire 7720g its pressure resistance is good. Despite a dedicated Geforce M GS video card, 7720 laptop is not fit for computer games.

Since laptop audio is generally poor, this aspire 7720g a great feature if you own or plan to buy compatible hardware. You may, in the future, want to add aspire 7720g The Acer boasts a built-in 0. The battery should make a limited mobile use possible.