The video content is inappropriate. Apogee tells me that the analog levels are all controlled in the analog circuitry, with the DACs always run at full level, however listening to this and other very low-level sine-wave tracks, increased distortion is quite audible when the headphone gain is set around the to dB range with very low-level test tones especially on CBS CD-1 Track 19, dithered 1 kHz at dB FS , suggesting that Apogee might be getting some of the gain range by truncating the digital signal to the DAC. But the competition is catching up quickly. If you don’t want these connectors on your desk, get the dedicated breakout box, which has a 6-foot 2m cable that runs to a metal box with connectors. See and discover other items: For nearly 3 decades, Apogee has been designing and engineering products in Santa Monica, California. With sensitive headphones like Ultrasone Edition 8 , the Duet 2 will play to beyond deafening hey, it’s a professional studio product.

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Not only does it cover apogee duet 2 huge range, the firmware is so smart and seamless that apogee duet 2 flicks quickly from loud to soft just like any other real volume control knob, but the clairvoyant firmware allows precise 1 dB adjustment anywhere in the huge level control range. Duet includes 4 analog outputs. Ken Rockwell, Ryan and Katie.

Apogee Duet 2

If you don’t want these connectors on your desk, get the dedicated breakout box, which has a apogee duet 2 2m cable that runs to a metal box with connectors. Whichever Duet you get, you’ll be thrilled with its sound quality; just make sure you don’t need the extra features the competition offers first. Amphenol brand audio connectors apogee duet 2 Hirose edge connector. Apofee attenuation, the levels and using regular Hi-Fi gear close to your ears on a desktop, there is no noise, but you will be losing the ability to play it quietly and never using the top 20 dB of level control range.


Sponsored products related to this item What’s this? You apogee duet 2 must install the Maestro 2 software on your Mac.

See All Duet Customer Reviews. How to Tell if You’re a Tech Addict. InApogee converters are used in most of the professional recordings we buy, for instance, here’s some of the Grammy nominees who use Apogee.

This is an excellent THD measurement, made more extraordinary when you realize it’s not measured at 7 Volts where most pro gear measures well, but apogee duet 2 7 millivolts into the mic preamp.

Another popular setting is to use one button to select which channels are fed to the headphones, for instance, for cueing. AmazonGlobal Ship Apogee duet 2 Internationally. That’s extraordinary; crappy recorders like the very popular Zoom H4n only measure Input 1, Input 2, Apogee duet 2 or Headphone.

With consumer dBu unbalanced RCA equipment, especially if directly apogee duet 2 the Duet 2 to a power amplifier, the professional outputs of the Duet 2 can be about 10 dB too hot at the top level settings. Did I mention it sounds fantastic? Well, with the Apogee Duet they have resurrected. Please try again later.

Decades ago their equipment was very expensive, but today, this same technology is what’s inside this little Apogee Duet 2.

It’s down almost 1 dB playing files from CDs with preemphasis! apogee duet 2


The ad is too long. Among the reasons it works so well is that its firmware gets inside and works seamlessly with the Core Audio of Apple’s operating system.

Apogee Duet sets the industry standard for portable professional audio recording. Superb audio performance and fantastic ergonomics; in a class by itself. Apogee duet 2 have no idea why there’s a 1 dB rise on the very high end.

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Write a customer review. Plan Terms and Conditions sent via email within hours of completing your purchase, please look for an email apogee duet 2 “Amazon Support” If you do not receive.

Let’s find out by adding a apogee duet 2 filter to the analyzer’s input, so we’re only plotting the response to signals at the intended frequency. The Mac mute button F10 mute controls the Duet 2, too, and you’ll never hear those annoying blurp sounds again as you change the levels on your Mac!!

The level control on your Mac and your Duet talk to each other; use either one and it controls the other. Frequency response, apogee duet 2 line output, undithered sine wave at 0 dBFS, Speaker level at 0 dB same with Speaker level set to and dB.

Producing all instruments and recording all vocals Additional Gear Used: