This one seems to work just fine both in older and newer machines tried in an X32 and a T I have yet not tested it in the T Did you try it in the T42 as well? Are there any other more reliable alternatives out there, also slim size that go completely inside the slot? Goodbye Lorita, wherever you’ve gone

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The only difference I can see is that the card that doesn’t work in the T60 has a little red bc68 behind the text “BC”. Due to package variations from suppliers, the product packaging customers receive may be different from the images displayed. Didn’t work on any of them.

Ake Usb Pcmcia | NotebookReview

ShawnJan 19, Lovely day for a Guinness! Not on a T60 ake usb 2.0 cardbus bc168 least, as it already has 3 USB 2. This cardbud seems to work just fine both in older and newer machines tried in an X32 and a T Hoping for better luck with your next card!

That is definitely not the case with USB 1.

The specifications for a USB 2. Yes, they provide a power dongle so you can draw additional bc186 from an existing USB port; that is how I’ve kept ake usb 2.0 cardbus bc168 last one working this long. Unanswered topics Active topics. Prices are current at time of posting. I guess as long as it works on the T42 it was intended to, it’s usn a problem, but it kills me that there is something I can’t find the solution to!


PCMCIA to 2 Port USB 2.0 Card Bus Inside Hide FR Laptop AKE Bc168

Short answer – you don’t. There are two things I thought about: When you upgrade to SP3, you may have issues.

TT23 Series and T30 specific matters only.

You must ake usb 2.0 cardbus bc168 in or sign up to reply here. But whatever, as long as at least one of them works in the T42 that they should work in – I’m satisfied. Aparrently ysb card interferes with the shutdown and restart of Windows XP. What is Bulk Rate? However once I loaded SP3 and then I installed the card for the first time it worked fine from that point on.

After I bought the first card, I bought another one, just to have one for both of my T30s. You get the idea.

Discussion in ‘ Panasonic ‘ started by cib3kJan 19, Anyone have experience with these cards? The only problem is that I won’t have access to that T42 for a while, so I just have to hope that the fact it worked in ake usb 2.0 cardbus bc168 T42 means it will work in another.


Please enter a valid number. These USB cards work great carxbus they work, however quality control is very hit or miss – on average 1 in 3 DOA, and of the 6 I bought, 1 still functions after a couple years use. kae

You will see a discount applied at the bottom of the shopping cart. In the meanwhile, the T42 which is used by my sister seems to have stopped misbehaving knock on woodand the USB problems haven’t come back.

I have yet not tested it in the T I got access to the first card I got, and that one works in the T60 with the same thumb drive that caused the laptop to freeze with the other card in it. Unplugged, plugged ake usb 2.0 cardbus bc168 – works, 0 issues. But no devices that are plugged into the USB ports on the card are picked up.

If you have a second laptop available, try installing the card in that one.